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How to Fix Dragon Age Inquisition won’t launch Error in Windows 10

How to Fix Dragon Age Inquisition won't launch Error in Windows 10

Despite Dragon Age being a top-rated game, it too experiences a couple of mistakes to a great extent. One such blunder is Dragon Age Inquisition won’t launch, which keeps you bolted out of the game, preventing you from actually playing the game.

We realize that it is actually more regrettable than having a terrible game encounter.

Dragon age inquisition is a pretending action game by Bioware and electronics arts. It is the third addition to the Dragon Age establishment and continuation of Dragon Age Origins. This game is accessible for Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation.

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What Prevents Dragon Age: Inquisition From Launching?

There are multiple explanations behind a game not being launching, contingent upon the system. Let’s dive into each cause that might prevent your Dragon Age Inquisition game from launching:

  1. Compatibility Issues

It is sometimes workable for a game to have compatibility issues with Windows 10. In such a case, the windows don’t start the game. In any case, the uplifting news, windows 10 has a compatibility mode that can run any application up until now.

  1. Absent or Corrupted Files

Clearly, a solitary absent or corrupted document can be the culprit behind your issue. As all the documents are important to launch a game, this is an easy decision that your game won’t launch if the records are not intact and complete.

  1. Administrative Rights

The game might require some extra advantages to be as a sudden spike in demand for your PC, for example, administrative rights.

  1. Screen Optimization Issue

As a matter of course, the windows launch the games in full-screen mode. In any case, sometimes this feature interferes with the game itself. Thus, the game isn’t started.

  1. Directx/VC Redist Issue

Direct X and VC Redist both accompany the game installer, and they can likewise be found in the installation organizer. The forms of both these applications additionally help to the game not running correctly on your system.

  1. Foundation Processes and Services

There are numerous cycles and administrations that Run in the foundation of your windows. Quite often, these cycles interfere When again is being launched. These cycles can go from third-party applications to Windows administrations themselves.

How To Fix Dragon Age: Inquisition Won’t Launch Issue?

Now, that we are finished understanding the root sources of this issue, let’s continue to the troubleshooting.

But, prior to leaping to the actual solutions, try restarting your computer once, this might explain your issue. In the event that the restart still doesn’t launch the game, move to the accompanying solutions.

  1. Run With The Dedicated Graphics Card

This is an easy decision that extensive games require a hefty illustration card. Along these lines, if the issue is related to the GPU settings, the root source of it would utilize the low force intel chipset. With this card you can design church logos nicely

Dragon Age Inquisition game requests a hefty design card, for example, an NVIDIA card.

  1. Running A Clean Boot

The applications running at the back can prompt this issue also. It might be some third party application or a Windows administration itself.

Follow these steps to apply a perfect boot to make your game function appropriately:

  1. Run your computer as an administrator.
  2. Quest for MSConfig on the hunt bar, and press enter.
  3. When the window springs up, go to the administration’s tab.
  4. Check the button “shroud all the Microsoft Services option.”
  5. Then, click on the Disable all button to turn off all the third party administrations running at the back.
  6. Close the configuration window, right-click the taskbar and select the Task Manager option from the drop menu.
  7. Go to the startup tab, and incapacitate all the running applications. To cripple an all-around empowered application, right-click the administration and select the debilitate option from the menu.
  8. Restart your PC and launch the game once more.
  9. Confirming Game Files

As talked about effectively, all the game documents are important to launch the game. Regardless of whether one record is absent or corrupt, the difficulty will happen while starting. To check the game records, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Origin Client and sign in to your account.
  2. Click on the My Game Library option find on the left sheet.
  3. Right-click on the Dragon Age Inquisition game and select the fix game option from the drop menu.
  4. Presently, the inception client will start checking your game records.
  5. When the game is tested, it will automatically download the missing records and supplant the corrupted documents assuming any.
  6. Relaunch the game to check if the blunder still persists or not.
  7. Update Your Graphics Card Driver

Sometimes illustration drivers are the ones causing multiple mistakes in the windows. Therefore, it is important to update outdated realistic drivers or eliminate corrupted ones to make your experience on windows worthwhile.

To update the illustrations driver on your PC, follow these steps:

  1. Search for the “gadgets manager” in the inquiry bar.
  2. Select the gadget manager application from the looked through options.
  3. Find the showcase adapters from the list of drivers, and grow that tab.
  4. Right-click the realistic card and select “Update Driver Software” starting from the drop menu
  5. After the update windows open, select “Search automatically for updated driver software.” This will install the accessible updated driver for your realistic card automatically.
  6. Troubleshoot Compatibility

There is often a conflict between the updated windows and games, known as a compatibility issue. Nonetheless, fortunately, windows have a compatibility mode to launch your game.

Here is the way you can run Dragon Age Inquisition in compatibility mode:

  1. Go to the installation folder for the game.
  2. Right-click the Dragon Age Inquisition executable record and select properties starting from the drop menu.
  3. Now, Go to the Compatibility tab and click on the Run Compatibility Troubleshooter option. The windows will detect the favored OS needed to run the game automatically.
  4. Click on the Try Recommended Settings and select the Test option.
  5. Apply/Save the progressions and exit the window.

Presently, relaunch the game to check if the Dragon Age Inquisition mistake is gone or not.

  1. Reinstall The Direct X And VC Redist

There are two records that are essential for the game to launch, Direct X and VC Redist. There is a possibility that these records might be corrupted and wind up turning into an obstacle when you start your game.

Try reinstalling both to fix the issue. Here is the way you can do it:

Direct X

  1. Navigate to the accompanying location in your PC C drive → Program Files (x86) → Origin games → Dragon Age Inquisition →__Installer →DirectX →redist
  2. Run the DXSetup.exe and supplant all the past forms.

VC Redist

  1. Navigate to the accompanying location in your PC C drive → Program Files (x86) → Origin games → Dragon Age Inquisition →__Installer → VC
  2. Run all the executables, i.e., VCRedist.exe present in that organizer
  3. Turn Off Full-Screen Optimizations

Naturally, Windows launch all the games in full-screen mode. Nonetheless, this feature might not work for all games. Therefore, try turning the full mode optimization off for the Dragon Age Inquisition to check in the event that it works without it.

  1. Go to the Game Installer Folder.
  2. Navigate the DragonAgeInquisition.exe and right-click on it.
  3. Select the Properties option from the given drop-down menu.
  4. Go to the Compatibility tab.
  5. Check the option named Disable Full-Screen Optimizations.
  6. Click on Apply and then the OK button.


Every one of these solutions are simple, and they don’t need any particular expertise or time to get them implemented. You can experience every solution individually, and ideally, you can find the right fit for you.

We suggest running this game on a gaming computer or if nothing else on the base equipment specs given previously. In this manner, Dragon Age Inquisition will run smoothly without having any issues. Happy Gaming!