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How to Fix Error 0X800CCC0E in Microsoft Outlook:

How to Fix Error 0X800CCC0E in Microsoft Outlook

If you have experienced trouble in connecting to the server in Microsoft Office Outlook. Then you might be familiar with the Error 0X800CC0E – The connection to the server has failed. It is probably the most common error that is faced by Microsoft Outlook users.

Before we discuss the solutions to fixing this error, it is important to know the reason for its occurrence. The error 0X800CC0E may occur due to the following reasons:

  • No internet connection.
  • Antivirus settings.
  • Malicious emails.
  • Windows Firewall settings.
  • Changes in your Outlook email account.

If you have already found the cause of the error, then read the complete article to fix the error 0X800CCC0E immediately.

Check your Internet Connection: 

The first and immediate step in fixing this error is to check the computer’s internet connection. Every program including Microsoft Outlook requires a consistent internet connection to operate properly. To check the computer’s connection. Go to settings and then Network and Internet.

Delete the Malicious emails: 

Delete all the emails that seem suspicious as those emails can block the incoming messages, and hence, create trouble. You can delete these emails by opening your Outlook account on the web program.

Check the Outlook account settings: 

One of the reasons for this error might be some invalid changes in the account’s settings. Go to your outlook account’s settings and see if there are any unwanted changes in the password, username, and messaging settings.

Check Antivirus Settings: 

Another common reason for this error can be an enabled antivirus program, email scanning app, or any similar type of program on your computer. Sometimes, these programs prevent Outlook accounts from connecting to the internet and interfere with the normal working of the program. Therefore, make sure you don’t have any such software installed/enabled on your pc.

You can disable the antivirus program by accessing the settings > windows and security on your computer.

Start Outlook in Safe mode: 

Starting Outlook in safe mode is one of the easiest tricks to rescue Microsoft Outlook from any error. To start Outlook in safe mode, perform the following steps:

  • In the latest versions of Windows (7,8, 10): Type outlook.exe/safe in the search bar and then Enter.
  • In older versions of windows (2000,2003): Search Run in the windows search bar, type outlook.exe/safe, and then tap Ok.

This method can be helpful in solving this error. But if you get [pii_email_b47d29538f12c20da426] error you can read this guide here.]

Change the Server Timeout settings:  

If you are still getting the error 0X800CCC0E, then change the server timeout settings. You can perform this action by following these steps:

  • Open Outlook and Go to File, click on Info> Account settings, and then again Account settings.
  • Choose your Outlook account and click on Change.
  • Now tap on More settings and then select the Advanced tab. There you will see timeout settings.
  • Increase the server timeouts and restart the application.



When you’re eagerly waiting for a mail or trying to send one, Error 0x8800CCC0E can be your worst enemy. In this article, we have gathered all the possible solutions to handle this error on your computer.