How to furnish a student’s flat on a budget: 14 ideas

A student budget is not always enough to buy luxurious furnishings. It’s especially important if, for example, the flat is rented or you’ve invested all your money in your first home.

Don’t be afraid of minimalism

You don’t have to save money by buying cheap furniture. You can look for stylish, minimalist pieces. For instance, a bed and wardrobe (or sometimes just an open coat rack) in the bedroom may be enough. But, of course, a classic interior cannot be created with such an approach. Therefore, when setting up your flat on a budget, start by choosing a style.

Use expensive wallpaper, but keep it to a minimum

A designer wallpaper can add an air of nobility to an interior. Don’t be intimidated by the price, because you won’t need a lot of it; instead, you can easily save up for an to boost your grades at university. Choose a base color and paint the walls, then accentuate one of the walls, cabinet fronts, or even a console with a brightly colored wallpaper.

Paint the bathroom instead of using tiles

If your bathroom hasn’t been tiled at all or if it’s in a terrible condition, you can’t avoid renovating it. Remember that tiling is a long-lasting story, so there’s no point in spending money on a cheap, low-quality material that you plan on replacing in a couple of years anyway. Instead, plaster the walls and paint with waterproof bathroom paint.

Consider multifunctionality

If you’re on a tight budget and you can’t buy everything you need separately, try to combine functions. For example, choose sofas, beds, and even poufs with a storage system. You can also get transformer tables, like coffee tables and dining tables. And a cabinet with a bathroom mirror can do the job of storing and decorating your space.

Buy factory-made furniture

Furniture made to order is definitely a better fit, but factory-made will cost a lot less. Also, many manufacturers give you the opportunity to make up your own options. For example, the same bed can be available in different sizes, with drawers or a lifting mechanism.

Pay attention to the kit

Not everyone can afford a designer, especially in a budget renovation. To successfully combine furniture, consider ready-made kits, which are often made by manufacturers and shops. It’s cheaper than buying the furniture separately.

Typically, for the living room at once you can buy a sofa and a couple of chairs, a coffee table, and a wall, for bedroom – bed, a pair of tables, wardrobe, chest of drawers or a dressing table, for children – bed, wardrobe, and desk. The options are endless, just choose the right one.

Don’t buy everything at once

If you buy all your furniture in one place, you can get a big discount and save a lot of money. But we are only talking about the necessities: bed, sofa, wardrobe, kitchen set, table, and chairs. Everything else is better to buy as you need it – that way you won’t spend too much on an extra pouf.

Avoid expensive heavy curtains

If you go for minimalist interior styles, you can refuse curtains completely. Another option is to use translucent, weightless tulle. If your flat is located on a lower floor, or if living with open windows is just not comfortable for you, then prefer blinds and Roman blinds. They are almost invisible during the day, but at night they shut the windows tightly against outside views.

Replace lighting with LED lighting

LED bulbs and LED downlights are usually more expensive than conventional bulbs. However, the cost is quickly recouped. You would need to replace such lighting nearly every ten years. In addition, LEDs are brighter than conventional bulbs, which means that fewer luminaires are needed.

Flowers instead of decorations

Any interior becomes cozier with lively plants. Especially if you have opted for a modern, minimalist, or Scandinavian style. The main thing is to keep a sense of proportion and remember that it’s not always beautiful to have a window sill full of grandma’s old aloe pots. Buy the same or match in design and color pots and tubs. They are much less expensive than decorations anyway.

Upgrade to the mass market

If there’s an urgent need to stock up on furnishings, don’t be intimidated by the range of inexpensive chain shops. They generally offer furniture that is minimalist and completely versatile, and can be adapted to suit almost any style. And importantly, all it takes is a new set of furniture handles, a paintbrush and a can of paint to add personality.

Refurbish old furniture

Old furniture is still probably good for reupholstering. With the same bright colours, you can, for example, turn a battered and dull chest of drawers into a highlight, and such a trick can be pulled with any cabinet furniture. It’s also cheaper to reupholster upholstered furniture than to buy new, and even cheaper to hide the old upholstery under new covers.

Use shelves instead of cabinets

This solution is mainly for the kitchen, where saving money is not easy. You can opt for simpler fronts, cheaper materials, and avoid complicated and expensive drawers and pull-outs. You can replace the upper cabinets with open shelves, or you can even do without them, which significantly reduces the cost of the furniture.

Discard some furniture

A mattress on the floor instead of a bed looks minimalist and youthful. At least regular lifting from the mattress is sure to keep your joints from getting rusty. And the role of the dining area is successfully performed by a wide window sill. For this solution to be really economical, it should be taken care of already at the appropriate stage of the renovation – to make a countertop. Otherwise, removal and installation will kill all the savings.

Hopefully our tips will help you save money on home furnishings, but also be useful for creating a cool, contemporary design.

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