How to gamble online in Asia in 2021?

The gambling industry, being such a big industry, has to evolve with time. With the coming of the age when everything is online, the casinos have adapted to this. In addition to the land-based casinos, the gambling world has seen a major shift to online casinos and gambling sites. They offer more attractive offers and fewer entry fees and have seen an increase in the customer demographic.

Gambling in Asia isn’t that different than gambling all around the world. You can access all the Asian casinos and Asian gambling sites and play at your preferred or favorite casinos. You can make bets and deal cards, all from wherever you want to do it.

Why is online gambling safer than offline?

Online gambling has been there for about 20 years now. Recently, people confined to their homes or tied up with their busy schedules have been seen shifting from offline gambling to online gambling.

Online gambling, first of all, is better as it provides gambling with a no-nonsense style. You know what you want, and you can log in to a site and move straightforwardly towards your favorite game. You don’t have to play dress up and don’t have to travel to a land far, far away from your home. You can also save the money you save from the commute and drinks you buy at a casino.

Also, the entry fee and minimum bet are less. They also have attractive offers when you register to a new site and give some credit for gambling, otherwise not possible in land-based casinos.

The other reason is that online gambling is safer. It is established that land-based do cheat or pull some tricks that make you lose and benefit the house rather than the customer. But online gambling provides a transparent transaction and games. You can see how much money you’ve bet and how much you’ve won. The casinos have also increased their security to detect whether a player is cheating or a bot playing.

The online casinos also accept cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. This is known to be a step towards inclusion as well as security. Cryptocurrencies provide security to both your transaction as well as your identity.

We all know that there are places in Asia where land-based casinos are either banned or not present. Online gambling is a boon for people who wish to gable but live in such places. They can play at reputed casinos, all from the comfort of their homes. In this case, VPN can help to change your IP and country of origin and play in any casino you like.

They also solve the problem of the stigma that surrounds gambling. People can play at casinos with anonymity and not worry about the stigma surrounding it.

Thus, online gambling is better and safer than its offline counterpart.

Safest online casinos with top-notch software

Some of the best Asian online casinos with top-notch software are:

Gclub Casino

Gclub casino is one of the reputed online Asian Casinos and provide welcome bonuses, free spins, and above par security. They have attracted offers and boasts a huge variety of games. They have great software developers that focus on both the design of the website and safe and easy payment gateways.

Joo Casino

This is one of the reputed online casinos known for its safety and provides welcome bonuses from time. They also offer a Bitcoin payment method. They use the finest software provided by Asia’s best software developers.

Oshi Casino

This is also a classy casino that provides security and attractive offers. They also give a lot of free spins. They also provide the best slot games and are a very popular Asian casino.

1XBET Casino

Another reputed online casino, it is also trusted among the Asian online casinos. They offer exciting games designed by the best software developers who make sure that games and safety go hand in hand.

These were some of the online Asian casinos that have top-notch software.


The online casinos win in a lot of aspects with safety and comfort. They also win in the aspect of welcome bonuses and free spins. If you are a gambling buff, you must give these casinos a try.

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