How to get a good job without having experience


The labor market paradox – to gain experience, you need to get a job. It takes experience to find a place. This is the situation in which university graduates, young specialists and people who decide to change their profession find themselves. We will tell you how to find your first job in a new professional field! There is an opinion among the people that an employer definitely needs an ambitious employee up to 35 years old, but with at least 15 years of experience in a similar position. This is often true: in the realities of our life, the company is trying to find an employee who is ready to do “everything and cheaply”.

There is a full-scale war in the spirit of Game of Thrones for good jobs with decent salaries, and people without experience often cannot even get paid internships.Work experience is one of the most important points on a job seeker’s resume for many employers. Everyone has come across this vicious circle: to get a good job in your specialty, you need work experience, and to get this experience, you need to get a job. But there is no need to despair in this situation and give up on the job of your dreams. If you have a great desire to work and develop, you can find a good job without work experience, although it is difficult.

Gone are the days when a lifetime job at the same company was considered a successful career. Today, a profession can be changed at any age, and a lack of experience is unlikely to become an obstacle to employment. The main thing is to prepare for the search: to write a resume correctly, present a high-quality portfolio and not be afraid to complete the test task.

Much depends on the employer, but often it all boils down to a simple principle: the company needs an experienced employee whom they want to buy cheaper. You, in turn, want to sell yourself at a higher price, but you cannot because of lack of experience.

As mentioned above, it often happens that specialists without experience immediately want to get a boss’s chair and a high salary. But quite often there are also directly opposite situations, when a graduate without experience is not so sure of himself that he does not take into account his achievements and already acquired skills. If you have successfully graduated from a university, it means that you already have some experience. You wrote your diploma, scientific work, you probably participated in any conferences or seminars. All this is also an experience, and it cannot be diminished. Confidently state everything you know in interviews.

Many begin to combine work and study, but they do not always do it in their specialty. And in the end, you have to choose: continue this way or start from scratch. How to proceed?

First of all initially, you should accurately determine the field of activity and look for appropriate vacancies. It is advisable to choose large companies, which many newcomers are afraid of. At first, trying to get a job without experience, you will surely face dozens of rejections or silence on the part of the company in response to your resume. You can’t do anything about it – be patient and keep looking.

However, a large company is a large mechanism, in which you will not necessarily be required to have extensive knowledge and experience. Within the department you will be able to learn by doing, there will be people who can help you. A small company, say, of 10 employees, needs specialists who from the first day will be able to fulfill their duties in full force, and often the success of the company itself will depend on this. The fact is that it is the large companies that have the widest staff. What does this mean for you as a job seeker? Fewer obscure and weird responsibilities like “knowing 10 languages” and “making good coffee”. Imagine a candidate who started working in a clothing store as a student and became a regional sales director before graduation. Most likely, such an employee has great potential for development even in a new professional field.

Therefore, it is important to present your growth within the company on your resume. Each role does not have to be recorded in a separate section: they can be listed under the responsibilities and results in the last position held. It is not necessary to compose a detailed story, it is better to do it in the format of short abstracts – this is a more suitable option for a resume.

Start working as early as possible. As practice shows, the overwhelming majority of students start working even before graduation. Most often this is, of course, a part-time job, but it often happens that in the last year students already have a full-fledged job. And then, having received the long-awaited diploma, these people often remain at their place of work, but if not, then when looking for another job, they already have some experience.

Nowadays there are thousands of opportunities to be heard – use this to develop in a professional environment. Good luck!