How to Get Back on the Track to Health

If you have ever told yourself that tomorrow is the best day to jumpstart a health and fitness plan, then you are not alone. While most people know they should exercise regularly and eat a well-balanced diet, it can be challenging to turn thoughts into action. The task becomes even more complex if you have developed physical limitations or medical conditions. At times it may be easier to believe it is too late to change how you look or feel, but that is not the case. Anything is possible, and there are ways to regain control of your body and liveliness.

Make a Plan

Many individuals fail to achieve their goals because they act spontaneously without a clear vision of what they are doing. So it is not a surprise to feel defeated if you pop out of bed on your first day, eat a minuscule breakfast and try to run five miles without success. Instead, begin with the Thrive experience and set yourself up for a megahit right out of the gates. While the initial decision may be the hardest, once you experience early satisfaction, you might be more prone to stay the course.

Treat Yourself to a Special Start

Since you have committed to a future of improvements, don’t be afraid of a bit of self-indulgence to sweeten the deal. Visit a local specialty store and purchase a new pair of sneakers to wear during workouts. Talk to a professional and ask them to help you pick a brand and design that will meet your needs. Try to assess the arch of your foot and your step landing so you can choose a product that fits properly. If you do not need shoes or if they are out of your budget, consider a new water bottle, a fun t-shirt or just a few energy-inspiring downloads for your playlist. The secret is to give yourself something to look forward to each day.

Incorporate Variety

Boredom can be the death of progress regarding training and diet. Therefore, beat the monster at its own game. Going for a walk may be the most convenient approach to infusing movement into your schedule; however, adding a bike ride or spin class can keep you fresh and engaged. In addition, eating the same foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner can drain the yum out of your appetite and lead you to sugary snacks to satisfy any cravings. Find a routine, but make it one you can embrace and one that inspires you to continue.

Find a Buddy

When the alarm goes off and the sky looks gray, it is easy to convince yourself to skip whatever activity you had planned. On the flip side, if you have a friend waiting for you to arrive at the pickleball court, it is harder to press the snooze button. Working out with a friend can help you stay motivated and push you to new heights. Furthermore, setting aside one or two evenings to dine together can make watching your calorie intake a team effort that fades away with good conversation.

Establish Checkpoints

As you move forward and start to feel better, check in with the numbers and acknowledge any improvements. For example, if your first walk was a half mile and you are up to two miles after a month, then celebrate that accomplishment and Medicare Advantage. Similarly, mark some dates on the calendar and indicate what you want to have done by then. Be realistic. Though you may have dropped five pounds in two weeks, it is not feasible to think you will maintain that pace as your body adjusts and changes.

The mind and body connection is vital and fragile. Do not panic if the doctor delivers some unwelcome news or if the scales display a higher number than you would like to see. Instead, be smart and take charge of your fate. Exercise, eat well and support yourself wisely in order to regain the life you deserve.