How to Get Free Backlinks (SEO Tricks 2018) | Rank Higher in Search Engines for free

    According to WpBeginners, “Backlink is a link one website gets from another website. Backlinks make a huge impact on a website’s prominence in search engine results. This is why they are considered very useful for improving a website’s SEO ranking.”  It is said that website having more backlinks will get more organic traffics. So it’s important to have as many backlinks as possible. Many websites provide  backlinks for some $ but why to pay $$ when you can get free backlinks.

    I’ve listed below some of the most popular community-based platforms where you can write and promote your brand/product/service, as well as sites where you can create profiles with links to your website(s). Here are my top picks for “free backlinks” that can easily be acquired this 2018.

    These link sources are generally great for the following:

    • Improving crawling and indexing.
    • Driving referral traffic to your site.
    • Building hard-to-replicate links (particularly if you’ll be building up these properties as well).
    • Branding (to easily populate your brand name’s SERP real estate with your owned media/web properties – which could also serve as barrier for online reputation management)

    LinkedIn Pulse

    DA: 100
    Link Attribute: Nofollow
    Getting a Link:

    Write a new article on your LinkedIn feed.


    DA: 94
    Link Attribute: Nofollow
    Getting a Link:

    Sign up for a new account, then write a new story.


    DA: 74
    Link Attribute: Nofollow
    Getting a Link:

    Create an account (though it may take 1-2 days to get your account approved), then start writing.


    DA: 89
    Link Attribute: Followed
    Getting a Link:

    Register for a new account. Create your own profile (or a profile for your business/company).

    DA: 91
    Link Attribute: Followed
    Getting a Link:

    Sign up for a new account, then create your personal profile.


    DA: 99
    Link Attribute: Followed (for posts that have high upvotes)
    Getting a Link:

    Join and become an active contributor on a subreddit that’s related to your business. Write and share useful content that will resonate well with that subreddit’s community.


    DA: 82
    Link Attribute: Followed (but account should be an active contributor to have an indexable profile page)
    Getting a Link:

    Sign up and be an active member of their community (by consistently upvoting and commenting on products/services you’re using or genuinely interested in).


    DA: 100
    Link Attribute: Nofollow (used to provide dofollow links)
    Getting a Link:

    Create your own channel. Youtube is a Google web property, so having links from an active Youtube account can help get your site frequented by crawlers.

    Also Read: Force Google to crawl Website


    DA: 100
    Link Attribute: Nofollow
    Getting a Link:

    Create a Facebook Page for your brand, and build a robust community around your fan page (through promoting useful content organically or even via paid channels). Having a solid Facebook community/page to back your brand’s digital marketing initiatives could help drive massive social traffic to your website (especially it’s when done right).

    That’s when this particular property becomes a hard-to-replicate link source for your competitors.



    DA: 100
    Link Attribute: Nofollow
    Getting a Link:

    Google has been displaying tweets (deeper pages from Twitter) on their search results since 2015, which means the search engine giant is frequenting the site in terms of crawling and indexing. Promoting your site’s newly published pages/content on this social platform can help speed up their indexation (and generate traffic as well, once you’ve built a stronger following base).


    Google My Business & Google Plus

    DA: 100
    Link Attribute: Followed
    Getting a Link:

    Two web properties from Google that can help get your site regularly crawled and re-indexed. GMB can also help improve your site’s search visibility to local searchers (learn more here).


    DA: 96
    Link Attribute: NoFollow
    Getting a Link:

    Convert your site’s best content into slide decks and upload them to Slideshare (links within the presentations are clickable). Can help get you a ton of exposure from their community’s active users (and traffic as well).


    DA: 90
    Link Attribute: NoFollow
    Getting a Link:

    Find questions from Quora users that you can genuinely provide valuable answers/solutions to. Aim to get more upvotes for your answers to earn more clicks on your links.

    Did I miss anything? Share them in the comments section! 

    Pro tip:

    It’s also best to build 2nd-tier links to these profiles or pages you’ve published on these communities (or you can also interlink your profiles with each other).

    This will increase the link equity that these pages will be passing back to your website – which will make them far more powerful in improving your site’s overall link authority.

    Once you’re done with these, you can then move on to the more advanced link building stuff.

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