How to get google voice numbers?

How to get google voice numbers?

If you have just come to know that you may open up a Google voice number, then you must need to know some simple process of how to get google voice numbers.

Well, getting the Google voice number is not rocket science, and thus you may easily get it right away following some hacks. Before get to now it, let’s talk about what is a Google Voice number.

Well, the Google number is basically a cloud number that gives you access to receive and make any call globally. It offers to add credit to make such calls. The benefit of having such a number is to make cheap phone calls for the rest of the world.

How to get google voice numbers?

How to get google voice numbers

Now let’s get straight to the main point, like how do you get a Google Voice Number. Well, there are some steps to do so, and let’s tell you them all below:

● Step: 1

Well, first come first served, and here you first visit the Google Voice site itself. Once you browse the website, you must need to have a Gmail account, making it accessible to the site.

● Step: 2

If you already have a Gmail account, then you may skip this step. But if you don’t have so, then you need to sign up that particular account first, and later, you may proceed. In this stage, you will need to comply with all the terms and conditions they are possessing. You may either read them all or skip it, then click on the dialog box that you are agree with it.

● Step: 3

Once you are done with the signing up process, now the main part is to come to play. Here you will need to make a choice to put the mobile phone number. To perform so, the first thing you will need to do is to let Google Voice know what your current location is. From the location access menu, they will give you some options, and you need to serve with the best answer. That being said, a window will pop up multiple locations, among which you need to confirm one.

● Step: 4

If you want to skip adding your own number, then there is a choice you may make. That being said, you can add any virtual number in this process. For example, you have a Skype Id, so you may add the number along with the Google Voice. So they will instantly send a verification code upon which you need to confirm.

● Step: 5

On the other hand, if you want to add your phone number similarly, you will have a verification code as well. However, here you will also find two options. The verification code would be either sent as text SMS or a direct call. No matters what option you will choose, you just need to put the right numbers. So Google voice will send you the texts or a direct call, fetch the six-digit verification numbers, and put them correctly.

Things To Avoid Getting The Google voice Numbers

At this stage, you are almost done to get the number from Google. But still, you come to know a few things which you need to avoid for future reference.

The first thing is you won’t assign more than one number along with the Google Voice. That being said, Google only accepts one number at a time during verification. So no further verification process won’t commence just right after you have done.

However, if you opt for a new number to replace with the current one, that you may perform. But here is a catch, once you replace your existing number, later on, you will have 90 days for the further replacement process.

Final Words

Having google voice numbers is not so tough. It’s quite easy to create a google voice account and have a google voice number. If you just need one google voice for your personal purpose, then you may create it yourself. But if you need bulk google voice accounts for your business or agency purposes, then it’s somewhat tough to create bulk. But, there are lots of google voice sellers such as, who are providing bulk google voice numbers selling services that you may purchase from them. Just ensure that they are providing good quality service and doing their work manually without spamming. I hope this article will be helpful for you to know how to get google voice numbers.

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