How To Get Music on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer & more

Music on Apple Music

It has become much easier for artists to record, edit, and release their music without the need for record label companies. It has become affordable for artists to build a small music recording studio at home. The mixing software is intuitive and better while publishing music on digital music streaming services is down in several minutes.

To sell your music on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, and Deezer there are two ways. Either allow the record label to deal with the distribution but they will take 50% of your revenue and even the copyright.

Another option is to release the track on your own. You keep the copyright, revenue, and even the control of how to create and share your music. The drawback is you have to work on finding a reliable music distributor. The digital distributor will charge a reasonable fixed charge and distribute your tracks to digital music stores and streaming services.

How to publish tracks on digital music stores & streaming outlets?

Before you start looking for a digital music aggregator to sell your music on Amazon, Apple Music, Deezer, iTunes, Spotify, etc. here are some tips.

Prepare your tracks

You will need to have tracks or albums ready. There are not lots of criteria for audio files requirement but the most commonly used are .wav files because they deliver good sound quality.

Make a compelling cover art

It doesn’t matter, if you release a single or an album there is a need for cover art. Add some simple words or your photograph but make sure the dimension is as required by the distribution website. Commonly the dimension is 3000px width and height.

Choose music outlets

If you want to get your music on Spotify, then ensure that the digital music aggregator has it on its long list of streaming services and music retailers. Spotify is the leading giant of streaming services with millions of subscribers followed by Apple Music and YouTube. There is other music streaming platforms like Tidal, Deezer, and Pandora. Each has its unique pricing model, user base, and selling point. So, choose wisely.

Follow website instructions

Each digital aggregator website has its guidelines to upload and prepare the release. Usually, the steps are the same…..

  • Create user account
  • Name & release information
  • Add tracks with metadata
  • Upload the cover art
  • Select the digital music outlets and streaming services
  • Approve & pay

The music will be distributed within 24 to 72 hours on the chosen platform but will get released and live on the date you mentioned.

MusicDigi allows musicians to release limitless tracks across the network of streaming platforms and digital music stores including popular outlets. Musicians can enjoy their independence in creating and keeping 100% ownership of their masterpieces.

Its mission is to empower emerging musicians with a platform from which they can sell music online across major digital music outlets. The musicians are also offered monthly sales reports along with trend data. All these benefits at just a $59.99 annual charge!


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