How To Get Rid of A Timeshare Mortgage?  


Timeshares are perfect when it comes to going on a vacation, staying in lavish resorts, and having some fun time, especially for multiple timeshare owners. However, life is a journey full of mysteries that can change financial situations anytime. Maybe yesterday you could afford a timeshare with all its maintenance charges, but today you just couldn’t do it anymore.

Additionally, if a mortgage is attached to the timeshare, an owner faces various other issues too. Refer to the Wesley Financial Group BBB which is one of the leading timeshare exit companies where you can get rid of mortgage effortlessly. Below is a detailed summary of how to get rid of a timeshare with a mortgage balance.

Ways To Get Rid of Timeshare Mortgage

  • Hire an Attorney

If a salesperson hasn’t mentioned any vital data relevant to the timeshare mortgage which could prevent you from buying ownership, then you are fortunate. Reach out to an attorney that specializes in timeshare contract laws to attain your contract. There are chances of you being a victim of any unjustified deed. A reliable attorney can easily help you regarding contract termination and cancellation, hence boosting your chances of getting away from any undesirable timeshare.

  • Selling a Timeshare

It is a great option for multiple owners. If you hire a real estate agent, it increases the chances of selling your property successfully. But remember it involves a commission fee which is to be paid anyhow. Another option includes you selling your timeshare on your own. This can be achieved by positioning your timeshare on various timeshare resale websites or forums or various auction sites. Renting a timeshare is also good in case you don’t want to sell it. Contact Wesley Financial Group BBB, which is an excellent timeshare exit company that offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

  • A Deed by Choice

There are many lavish properties that don’t offer deed-back programs, while some of these offer. This program is all about letting owners sign over the deed and refuse an interest. A lender can be tackled like this even if the mortgage is from him. Contact the lender and figure out if he can provide you with a deed instead of foreclosure.

Also, there are certain factors involved that affect the willingness of the lender to accept a deed of his choice. Such factors comprise payment history, choice of resort, remaining loan amount, etc. Ideally, you are required to sign a quitclaim deed to prevent timeshare mortgages.

  • File Bankruptcy

It’s advised to consult your attorney regarding how filing bankruptcy can interfere with your current situation. For example, a bankruptcy file is powerful enough to clear all the mortgage obligations. As a consequence, your lender has to stop all the collection deeds once you are declared bankrupt. Maybe it sounds very easy now, but it yields negative credit consequences that can last up to ten years. So, take your time and decide wisely.

End Note

Many websites list some of the prominent timeshare exit companies like Wesley Financial Group BBB. A mortgage attached to a timeshare leads to uncountable problems, so get rid of it now. Follow the steps mentioned above to resolve the same issues.