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How to Hack iPhone Lock screen Password (2018 Latest Method 100% Working)


You are reading this article means you want to hack iPhone Lock Screen. With the latest update of ios 12 ,we can now easily hack Lock Screen Password. We will use the bug present in ios 12 to do so. It is easy as 1 2 3 just follow the step carefully and you can successfully hack iPhone Lock screen.

Note: Using this Method you can only see the secret picture of the owner.

Follow the step below carefully to hack iPhone Lock screen.


  1. Call the target iPhone from any other phone (if you don’t know the target’s phone number, you can ask Siri “who I am,” or ask Siri to make a call to your phone number digit by digit).
  2. Don’t answer the call by picking it up, instead of tap on “Messages” (by default in iOS comes on) and tap on “Custom” to reply via text message.
  3. Type any word in the text message box.
  4. Ask Siri to enable VoiceOver, a service meant for sight-impaired users.
  5. Tap on the camera icon.
  6. Invoke Siri with the iPhone’s home button and at the same time double-tap the phone’s screen (it does not work then repeat many times).
  7. When the screen comes black, swipe your finger on the screen up to the top left corner where VoiceOver will read aloud what you have selected. Keep swiping until VoiceOver reads “Photo Library.”
  8. Double tap on the screen to select Photo Library. This will take you back to the message screen, but you’ll see a blank space in the place of the keyboard. It is actually an invisible Photo Library.
  9. Now swipe your finger up to VoiceOver read aloud the characteristics of each photo.
  10. Double-tap on a photo will display it while adding the picture to the text box, which you can then send to any number.

The new passcode bypass method works on all current iPhone models, including iPhone X and XS devices, running the latest version of the Apple mobile operating system, i.e., iOS 12 to 12.0.1.

If you face any problem simply comment down below and also comment if it works for you or not.

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