How to Handle COVID-19-Related Stress as a College Student

How to Handle COVID-19-Related Stress as a College Student

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many changes in both our personal and professional lives. One significant change that has arisen during this time is the sudden increase in online studies for college students. While this shift provides an opportunity for some students to continue their education uninterrupted, it also poses several challenges.

For many of us, it feels like we’re barely hanging on by a thread, which caused our mental health to take a backseat. Worries about the virus only compound the stressors of schoolwork and day-to-day life. According to the National Alliance of Mental Health Illness California, “20% of college students say their mental health has worsened.” Therefore, we must make time for self-care and mental health during these trying times.

Here are some tips to help handle COVID-19-related stress as a college student.

Get ready for your classes by planning and preparing.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic escalated, college students’ daily lives have been turned upside down. For many students, their schedules are now filled with online classes and remote work instead of lectures and campus activities.

To avoid getting stressed from the piles of homework and exams you need to do for your remote classes, it is best to get ready for your classes by planning and preparing. This can help ensure that you have all the materials you need and are prepared for the classwork. In addition, preparing can also help keep you organized and on track with your schoolwork. Planning and preparing for your online classes in advance will help reduce your anxiety and allow you to focus on learning. 

Different people prefer different ways of scheduling their days. Some people like a highly structured day, where everything is planned out, and they know what to expect. Other people prefer a more flexibly structured day to change their plans as needed. Identify which type of structure works best for you and learn how to make the most of it.

Stay connected with friends and family.

In these unprecedented times, we are all being asked to take measures to keep ourselves and others safe from the COVID-19 virus. One of those measures is social distancing or limiting contact with other people. For some people, this may mean avoiding large crowds or staying inside as much as possible. This can be a difficult adjustment for college students, especially since so many of our activities revolve around socializing with others.

It can be helpful for people to find ways to connect with others. One way to do this is by engaging with others, whether that means talking to friends or participating in online communities. Participating in online communities can be especially helpful during times of crisis, such as the pandemic we are currently experiencing. Students can feel supported and connected during these difficult times by connecting with others online.

Another way to make this experience less isolating is to open up to your family about what you are going through. Talk to them about your classes, your assignments, and how you are feeling. This will help them understand what you are going through and why you may be acting differently than usual. It can also help create a sense of connection between you and your family members. If they know what you are struggling with, they may be more likely to offer support and understanding. 

Look after your physical health.

The stress of the pandemic has been shown to have significant negative impacts on people’s physical health. To minimize the risks to your wellness, you must take care of yourself during this time. This means making sure you get enough sleep, eat a balanced diet, and exercise regularly. It may also be helpful to find ways to relieve stress, such as practicing yoga or meditation.

For students who feel stressed and anxious about their academic futures, it is essential to remember that you need to take care of your physical health to manage your mental health. By following these simple tips, you can help keep your body and mind healthy during the pandemic.

Take some rest if you must.

A common worry for college students is the tension between achieving academic success and maintaining a healthy physical and mental wellbeing. Many students feel they must sacrifice one for the other, but this is not always the case. Taking regular breaks can help you avoid physical strain and mental burnout.

You can do some light stretching to help refresh your mind and body. You can also have a short nap. A short nap can do wonders for restoring energy levels and improving focus. Doing these simple things can improve your mental health and help you continue learning during this challenging time.

Seek professional help.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, around 1 in 5 adults in the United States experiences mental illness in a given year. College students are especially vulnerable, with 35 percent reporting feeling overwhelmed and 30 percent indicating they felt so depressed it was difficult to function. Unfortunately, many students don’t know where to turn for help, but professional treatment is often the best step toward protecting your mental health.

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