How to have fun within budget (budgeting tips)

Fun Without Spending Some


So you’ve made your entertainment budget, and you’re probably thinking, Yup, that’s it, my social life is over! It’s all right; we’ve all been there. But just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean your social life has to suffer. We’ve come up with some creative ways for you to save money while still having fun on a budget.

You may believe that “fun” and “budget” are opposed concepts, but I’m here to prove that having fun on a budget is possible! Budgeting can be tricky, and giving yourself a well-deserved break is essential now and then. Here are some ideas demonstrating that having fun on a budget is possible.


Immerse yourself in a new book or revisit an old favorite. If nothing on your bookshelf piques your interest, visit the library, swap titles with a friend, or browse your local bookstore’s used and sale sections.


Escape Rooms

As you try to unlock the door and escape the room in the allotted time, solve puzzles and riddles and try not to quarrel with your teammates. Escape rooms are a lot of fun, and the more people who participate, the cheaper they usually are.


Frisbee Golf

Because all you need is a frisbee, this idea is highly inexpensive. First, check if your local park has a frisbee golf course. If not, you can make your own with a few additional supplies. Even if you’ve never played disc golf, learning how to play is half the fun! You’ll have a good time laughing together as you try to see who can get into the baskets in the fewest attempts. It’s more complicated than it appears!


Local Events

Cities and local organizations frequently publish public event calendars. These events range from movie nights and art festivals to community gatherings. The entry fee is usually low or free. If you live in or near a college town, you can probably find university productions, concerts, and recitals for a fraction of the price of a Broadway show or professional performance. Local theater and choral groups also perform throughout the year, particularly around the holidays. Look in your local newspaper for upcoming events.



Continue the outdoor theme by taking lunch to a park, bush walk, beach, or even your backyard if that’s all you have time for. Being outside in green space benefits one’s health, so spending as much time as possible outside makes sense. Making a picnic with your friends is also a lot of fun; ask everyone to bring something to share.


Museums & Zoos

If your area has museums or zoos, check their websites to see if they have days when you can visit without paying admission. The downside is that these days can be pretty popular and crowded, but it’s well worth it if you’re looking for free entertainment. Some companies also have agreements with local museums that allow employees and their families to attend for free on certain days, so check with your employer to ensure you’re taking advantage.


Farmers Markets

During the week, nearly every town or neighboring town has a farmer’s market. The majority of the items sold here are reasonably priced. They are sometimes held near a theme park or have live entertainment for shoppers.


City Tour

Most cities provide free tours for residents and visitors alike. A walking tour can be a great way to play tourist in your town while learning a few new things.


Board Games 

Take advantage of the cooling air conditioner and gather the family around the kitchen table for a fun family board game. Play an old favorite or a new one borrowed from friends or family.


Star Gazing

Few things are more awe-inspiring than an epic event taking place in the night sky. Meteor showers, planet sightings, eclipses, and other celestial events make excellent party themes. They also provide you with an excuse to stay up late!


Finding budget-friendly entertainment ideas can feel more like a mythical quest than an attainable goal. Making new friends and maintaining a social life as an adult is challenging enough—and it can feel nearly impossible when you’re trying to save money. However, your budget and weekend plans do not have to be adversaries. Try out the above entertaining activities and enjoy yourself.

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