How to Hide Application in iPhone and iPad (2018 No jailbreak)


Sometimes we have to hide application and today we are discussing about method to hide application in iPhone and iPad. For android users there is no problem but for iPhone and iPad users there may arise some problem to hide application in iPhone and iPad. Without any delay let’s start.

In This Post we won’t cover different methods to hide application rather we will talk about only best method to hide application.

We will use stock feature of ios i.e Restriction Mode.

What is Restriction Mode?

Restriction Mode is basically for users looking for parental control. However we can also use this feature to hide application.

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  • Go to setting.
  • Then navigate to general .
  • Scroll down and click on Restriction Mode
  • Then enable restriction.
  • Enter password ( Lock Screen Password) as it will ask.
  • Then you can disable the toggle for stock application like siri,safari etc
  • After toggling you will notice the stock application is hidden.

Using this you can hide the stock application in iPad and iPhones

To hide third party app

  • Follow the same steps as above and under Restriction mode scroll down.
  • In the allowed content section and go to apps .
  • Here you can hide all the third party app( Based on age rating)

Sadly there is no option to hide custom application as per our need but:

select 12+ to hide dating apps

 select 9+ to hide social media app

You can see hidden application by disabling the restriction mode. For this go to Setting>General>Restriction Mode and disable.

If you follow the step carefully you have now successfully hidden the application in iPhone and iPad. If you have any queries please comment below and dot forget to like our Facebook page for further updates.




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