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Windows 10: How to Improve Laptop Battery Life

The battery life of a laptop PC can be one of the issues that prevent you from using it as much as you want. If you feel like you need to charge it too often, check out these tips to help you get the most from your battery.

How to Improve Laptop Battery Life of Windows 10

A battery with low autonomy, for a PC running Windows 10, this does not have to be inevitable. Indeed, if you intervene on certain well-targeted settings, you can increase the life of a full charge.

Obviously, so that your battery drains less quickly, don’t forget to turn off the PC as soon as you are not using it (rather than putting it to sleep), reduce the screen brightness and ” Avoid leaving Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi on if you don’t need it.

Know the state of wear of your battery

First of all, to better understand what the origin of the problem is? You can go to the settings of your PC in order to know the state of wear of your battery. Very concretely, over the years, it tends to lose its capacity to store energy and therefore to discharge more quickly.

We recommend that you use the HWMonitor software, which allows you to easily find information on the wear rate of your battery. The program allows you to have several quantified data, such as the initial load capacity, but also the capacity recalculated according to the current wear. The program even provides you with a percentage corresponding to the level of wear and the current load level (relative to the attainable load capacity).

This software constitutes a good base to carry out your first investigations and to know exactly where your battery is. Then you can take action to try to improve its performance.

Optimize the autonomy of a PC under Windows 10

In the “System” part of your Control Panel, you can find many different settings by going to “Power and standby”. Adapt the standby time when the computer is not connected to the mains, reduce the time before the screen turns off, consider using all these methods to have a longer life when you are on battery.

In addition, Windows 10 lets you know which apps are the most power-hungry, which ones are using your battery as much as possible. This information can help you to adapt your uses, and for example to use less the most demanding programs when you cannot connect to the mains.

Alert and actions in case of low battery level

Once you’ve adjusted all of your settings to use your battery in the best possible way, you may end up asking Windows 10 to warn you whenever the battery life is low, to avoid blackouts that could put you down.

In the power settings, you can find a feature named “Change the power plan”. Then you just have to go to the advanced power settings to adjust the percentage from which you want to be notified of the low battery level.

You can even configure specific actions when the battery is low (put the computer to sleep, hibernate, or shut it down).

Low battery actions

If your battery does not give you full satisfaction, it is always possible to change it, by buying a new spare part and putting it on your PC. However, laptops are generally more difficult to take apart than before, their battery does not come off like it was a few years ago.

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