How to Improve UI/UX Design of Your Website for More Conversions?

UI/UX design is the most important part of your entire web development process. I am sure many UI/UX design services would agree. User experience design is all about enhancing the user experience and satisfaction through usability, functionality, efficiency, and accessibility.


Moreover, the conversion rate depends upon how user-friendly your website is and how responsive the design is — no matter from where you are accessing it.


Therefore, the main focus of companies is to hire user experience and user interface experts who know the ins and outs of how a web design should look like, are updated with the latest in design trends, and most importantly can design visually appealing designs.


Speaking of which, a good UI/UX design goes above and beyond design layouts and graphics, it entails user journey, and how they interact with all the design elements on a website including their browsing experiences.


The higher the user satisfaction the higher the leads — the higher the lead the higher the chances of converting them into full-time users. So if you hadn’t paid attention to the UI and UX of your website, it’s about time that you do.


In this blog, I will discuss the top 5 ways through which you can improve the UI/UX design of your website for more conversions.


What is UI/UX Design?


UI and UX are not the same things but they are not mutually exclusive. UI design enhances the UX (user experience). Everything that you see on the website from appealing interfaces, graphic elements and interactivity is the UI design whereas the user’s interaction with those elements in UX design. UI/UX design enhances the brand’s value and therefore is considered very crucial.


Tips for Improving the UI/UX Design For More Conversions.


The Power of Consistent Design


Consistency is important for a user-friendly design. People tend to trust the site which offers the common element throughout the website either they are fonts, color palette, type of icons, or imagery. You need to maintain consistency to ensure a rich user experience to benefit your business.


Responsive Design


If you want your web visitors to stay on your website, make sure to have a responsive web design. Responsive web design is when your design loads perfectly on every kind of device there is. Additionally, your web page should load in 3 to 5 seconds because longer loading times tend to frustrate web visitors which means they might leave your site before it even loads — increasing your web bounce rate as a result affecting your web health on Google search engine.


Therefore to give a great user experience to your potential customers, it’s important to optimize your page speed. Pro tip: If you lack the in-house design expertise — hire UI/UX design services, they not only offer a cost-efficient solution but also redirect your focus to things that matter.


Efficient Use of Negative Spacing


Many would say that negative (white) spaces in web design look less appealing but the truth is — negative spacing is important. According to various studies, white space enhances user’s attention and helps companies provide a better user experience. Moreover, it makes the content easily navigable plus supports the guidelines of designing for accessibility.


Improve Navigation


According to a survey, improving web navigation can improve your conversion rate by 18.5 %. Fine, you have a visually appealing website with all the beautiful elements, it stands out from the crowd, you have a competitive edge — but still, you aren’t getting the conversions that you so dreamt of. It’s because your web navigation sucks! Being blunt but that’s true. Make sure to strategically place all the pages in the top navigation bar, including a call to action.


Avoid Stock Photos


Alright, so people want to associate themselves with your brand, they need to feel an emotional connection. For that, you must try avoiding the use of stock photos. Because one look and people can tell whether it’s original photography or something taken off of the internet. Even though many well-known companies use stock imagery to highlight their brand — sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn’t — especially when you are new in the market.


If you are a service provider, make sure to cover your company’s story and pictures of team members. Because it not only makes the company look authentic but builds trust leading to long-lasting relationships. If you are an eCommerce company, the original product photography is crucial to the success of your brand. Suppose you have used stock photos and in reality, your product doesn’t even come close, people will only realize that after they have bought it — they are going to leave a bad review. So in order to avoid that, the use of real images enhances your brand’s image and website development.


Strategic placement of CTAs


UI/UX design services place great emphasis on the CTAs or call to action. They are considered as the key elements for web UI design and web UX design. Because they act as signposts that guide users about what to do next. If the user is visiting the website for the first time, they wouldn’t know about the next steps and therefore are most likely to leave. Make sure you have a CTA at the top navigation bar, placed throughout the webpage, and in the footer. Because you need to remind your potential clients to purchase your product or sign up again and again to reinforce.


Meaningful Headlines

Your content needs to align with your brand and with the needs of your potential customers. You should be attracting the right kind of audience to your website. If you are working with UI/UX design services, you should be super clear about your requirements and targeted headers should be one of them.


Now you must be thinking that headlines are the responsibility of the content department. How can UI/UX designers help? Even though the content team is supposed to come up with a catchy headline, UI/UX designer skills will tell you where and how to place them on the website. Does it make sense?


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