How to Increase E-commerce Sales with Magento 2 Extensions?

An online platform has become a mandatory thing in the digital world in the business to grow. If you are thinking of building an online store that is user-friendly and developer-friendly then Magento is one of the best choices. Magento 2 Extensions can be integrated into your platform to add new features and functionalities to the store effortlessly. Magento is famous for its scalability, flexibility, and reliability for web development.

What are the important features that should be available in the Magento store?

SEO Tools

Analyze the website to check the engagement of users with the content. Websites should always be SEO friendly to decrease the bounce rate and increase rankings on the SERPs. Business owners can integrate the Advance FAQ Magento 2 extension to answer user’s queries and make it easier for the visitors. Adding a questionnaire to the website is always a strong strategy to gain visibility in the search engines.

Seamless Shipping Experience

Magento 2 has features and functions to handle the shipping process accurately. Magento has a great collection of extensions for this purpose like Shipping Availability, SMS Manager, Shipping Calculator, and Shipping Price per Product Magento 2 that can make the process user-friendly. Integrate essential Magento 2 extensions and make sure that it doesn’t affect the website performance.

Fast Checkout Process

There are many cases where users have abandoned the cart at this step due to the complex and time-consuming process. This can affect your rankings as it increases the bounce rate of the website. Make sure to add user-friendly extensions like One Step Checkout Magento 2, Paypal Multi Currency Magento 2, and more extensions that make the checkout process smooth.

Online Transactions

This is the section where users trust the online platform with their sensitive information. Ensure that the transaction process is secure and safe for the user’s data. The marketplace has a payment gateway for WooCommerce that can easily be integrated into the online store like PayTrace Payment Gateway Magento 2, Stripe Payment Gateway WooCommerce plugin, Monetico Payment Gateway for WooCommerce, and more.


E-commerce platforms are sometimes complicated with features and functions where users might need support from the website. Integrate Magento 2 Extensions like Shopping Mentor Magento 2, Review Reminder for Magento 2, Product Inquiry Magento 2, and more to make the navigation easy for the users.

Let us look at some Magento 2 Extensions that can boost your sales:

One Step Checkout Magento 2

This makes the completion of online transactions easier for the users and removes distractions from your Magento store.

  • Make the checkout page responsive for different screens and devices
  • Easy customization in the checkout page where you can add and remove fields
  • The single-page makes it clean and removes obstacles

WooCommerce payment gateway

Store owners are putting their efforts to bring a payment module in the Magneto store that is user-friendly, faster, and secure. Magento plugins offer unique features that make the online store trustworthy for the customers. Some important features that payment gateway for WooCommerce should have is:

  • Responsive on different devices
  • Faster Page Loading
  • Store data Securely

Some of them are Stripe Payment Gateway WooCommerce Plugin, Monetico Payment Gateway for WooCommerce, Moneris Hosted Paypage Payment Gateway for WooCommerce and Paypal Multicurrency.

Shop by Brand

Some people have their favorite brands and look for the products of that specific brand. Magento 2 has extensions that allow different filters to display products and services on the online store. The Shop by Brand Extension enables users to search for products based on their choice of brand. Some key features of this Magento Extension are:

  • Customers can get products easily
  • Admins can assign a brand to the products
  • Admin has the freedom to edit details of a brand like banner, logo, and description,
  • Flexibility in the products displayed on online store
  • Easy installation and management

Magento 2 lazy load image

Faster page loading speed increases customer engagement with your online store. The Magento 2 lazy load image improves user experience and handles the loading time during large images. Generally, it is time-consuming when a website has heavy images and it can slow down the speed. Advantages of using this extension are:

  • Customers will not leave the website due to its loading time as it improves response time
  • This extension helps in improving the website’s SEO ranking.
  • It saves time and money
  • Reduces the usage of server bandwidth
  • It provides a smooth loading transition

Advance Reports

It is very important to know the data of your online store related to the products, profits, losses, customers, and more. Things you can track using reports are:

  • Reports based on the category of products
  • Performance of your online store
  • Payment methods to note your sales

Some of the Magento extensions that an online store should have are Advance Report Magento 2, Profile Report, Survey Magento 2, and more.


There might be many Magento 2 Extensions that can help in increasing e-commerce sales. Which Magento 2 Extensions will be best for an online store? There might be a list of extensions that you think would be best but selecting them with a limited budget and without affecting the website performance. Get in contact with the Magento developers that have experience in handling e-commerce stores.