How to Increase the Productivity Of Your Team: How to Make Technology Work for You

Boosting your team’s productivity means getting more done in less time and, often, a happier workforce, too. Technology offers lots of different ways to effortlessly drive up productivity, and we round up the best of these below.

Access To Information

This is the foundation stone for building up productivity levels: ensuring that all the team members can easily access the information they need as quickly as possible, without being required to root through paper files or to search in multiple folders on-screen.


Consider using a secure cloud-based system on which to store and manage information; not only does this keep everything in one place, it also means that team members can access this information off-site and from wherever they are in the world. Cloud-based systems also solve storage-capacity problems and are scalable, too, meaning that they can grow with your business.

Incorporate a Customer Relationship Management System

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can take the productivity of your sales and marketing team to the next level and offers many other benefits for your business as a whole. CRM solutions are focused on optimizing customer relations by streamlining processes related to sales and marketing; they are also an effective tool to use to analyze large amounts of data to help determine strategies and campaign planning.


Most CRM platforms allow team members to send and log emails within the interface itself, making it easy for other colleagues to see the progression of a lead and what further action needs to be taken. Look here for an example of an effective CRM platform that offers sales reporting and forecasting, and that can integrate with a wide range of third-party apps, allowing for easy lead data capture while off-site. This particular solution is also fully customizable, allowing for deal types or properties, for example, to be adjusted as required, and features, too, a sales reporting module that enables managers to access and interrogate high-level sales data.

Use A Lead Generation Tool

A lead generation tool can be a powerful ally in converting, for example, your website visitors into paying customers by providing your sales team with the information they need. There are a number of different types of tools available: email lookup provides your team with the email addresses of leads by combining your business’ website and social media platforms and then verifying each address. Email outreach solutions are also a means of easily targeting and managing email campaigns to generate new leads. Some CRM platforms feature lead generation tools as part of their package, or they can be incorporated as stand-alone elements into your team’s processes. 

Install Project Management Software

Utilizing software that’s dedicated to keeping a project on track and running as smoothly as possible can pay dividends when it comes to boosting overall productivity. Project management software and platforms enable team members to easily see who is working on what task and how each job is progressing; this removes the possibility of staff duplicating work, therefore saving on both time and resources.


Project management software also allows managers to outline and monitor deadlines and view inter-task dependencies; it can be used to schedule tasks, too, and to track project finance, capital, and stakeholders. Finally, at the culmination of a project, this tool enables managers, through reviewing and reporting features, to assess what parts of the project went successfully and how well timeframes and budgets were adhered to, which is vital in boosting productivity next time around.

Calendars And To-Do Lists

While these tools may seem basic, they can make a big difference to the everyday running of your processes. Ensure that team members are using integrated calendars to allow for easy scheduling of tasks and meetings. To-do lists can also be used in conjunction with calendars to set both daily and longer-term assignments and monitor progression towards goals.


There are several platforms available that combine both calendar and to-do list functions to create slick workflow planning tools; use these to generate shared timelines to track your team’s schedule and view, at a glance, who is available and which member of staff is working on which assignment.

Help With Human Resources

Incorporating tech into your human resources processes can save your business time and money, as well as ensure compliance and maintain the best security possible for your employee’s personal details.


All-in-one human resources software, is available that can automate many payroll and recruitment tasks, as well as being useful in monitoring staff absences and scheduling in periods when team members are on vacation or otherwise unavailable. Human resources tools can help out with both sourcing potential candidates for vacancies and with the onboarding process, seamlessly integrating the new member of staff into the team and their role from their very first day. Managers can use the software to view team performance, too, and to set up approval processes, tasks and reminders. This can be an important tool in bringing together and streamlining many different tasks, freeing up staff to work on other aspects of the running of your business.


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