How to install Kodi on PS3 & PS4

How to Install Kodi on PS3 and PS4

Before discussing the Kodi on PS 3 & PS 4, let’s have a look at both of the things i.e. PS 3 and PS 4 device and Kodi App separately in order to make the whole concept more understanding for the users as if the basic features of both the application and device is clear to the users then, it will help them a lot in future.

The center of the discussion is on Kodi on PS 4 and PS 5 which mainly contains the process of downloading and installing Kodi PS 4 and PS 3.

Therefore, this process of downloading will convert the experience of playing games very exciting and people will get the wonderful and unforgettable experience of playing games that they did not have yet.

Kodi PS3  & PS4 is one of the most entertaining applications especially for those who play games and this application is, therefore, used by most of the users because of its unique and different features which have a bunch of entertainment for its users and therefore, most people prefer this application as it has the different features which will help the users in many different ways. If you don’t have a console, these are the best PC games for 4GB RAM.

Now, come to PlayStation, which is the most popular and highly demanded gaming console that is probably one of the most used consoles in the world.

There are mostly two gaming consoles that are mostly used by people around the world one of which is the PlayStation gaming console and the second is the Xbox gaming console out of which, PlayStore gaming console is the best and most used device by the people in the world. Even if people are not using it, they definitely heard about it.

How to Install Kodi on PS3 and PS4

There are a few methods of downloading and installing Kodi for PS3 and PS 4 PlayStation console devices. The most important thing that the user needs to know is that there is not any direct method to download Kodi on PS3 and PS 4 play station consoles but the developers of Kodi are still working on it. But the users do not have to be worried about that as there are many alternative methods for downloading and installing Kodi on PS 4 and PS 3 Play station.

Thus, there is an application named Plex which has all the similar functions as Kodi. Plex application can perform all the functions similarly to the Kodi app. So, here is the Plex PS3 application for the users who want to download and install Kodi on their PS 3 and PS 4.

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Kodi on PS 3 and PS 4

Download Kodi on PS 3 and PS 4 with an alternative method by downloading the Plex application on PS 3 and PS 4 by following the different methods that are given below:

  • First of all, the user needs to open their PlayStation control.
  • Then, the user needs to open the PlayStation store in their devices.
  • Then, the user will find many options there like TV shows, Movies, Sony rewards, Extras and many more.
  • The user will also find the Search bar at the top of the screen of their devices.

Kodi on PS 3 and PS 4

Now, the user has the option of either going to Popular Options or directly they can search for the plex in the Search Bar option. Once, the user will find the search bar option then, the further steps of installation will become very easy for the users.

  • Now, the user will see the download option which is appearing on the Plex application.
  • The user needs to be patient as the procedure will take some time to download the app on the devices.
  • Once the Plex PS4 & PS3 application will be downloaded on the user’s device then, the application will installed in the device automatically. The user will not have to install it.
  • When the application will be installed on the PS3 and PS4 gaming console, it will provide all the features and all the functions which are similar to Kodi app.
  • Now, the application is installed in the device and the user can access the app by using it under Start and TV and Video Section.
  • Now, the user needs to create an account in Plex if the user is new rather than that other existing users account is already there and they will start accessing the application.

Important Things to Remember at the Time of Creating Account

There are a few important things that the user must know before creating their account on this application and they are as follows. So, let’s have a look at the important points given below:

  • At the time of creating the app, there will be generated a code and a link will be provided to the user. The user must have to open the link and they will get all the guidelines there which are required in making or creating the account.
  • Then, the user needs to enter a code that is been generated in their page and then, they will get the notification of App Linked on their PS3 and PS4.
  • The user might get an error message like App is unable to connect to the media server.
  • Now, the account is being created successfully and the user can play the games on their devices and experience the wonderful way of playing games on PS3 and PS4 PlayStation gaming console.

Now, the application is installed in the PS3 and PS4 PlayStation gaming consoles and the users will enjoy the unforgettable and wonderful experience of playing games on their devices which are the most entertaining way of playing games.