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How To Install SIB Panel | Dump Combos | 2020

How to install sib panel

In our previous article, We discussed about Making HQ dorks today we will discuss on how to install sib panel. If you are into Cracking then you have already heard about the SIB but probably not most people know how to install sib panel. So today I will be explaining a method to install SIB panel without any error.

I have seen in many forums people charging 20-50$ just for installing SIB so here is the tutorials for those who wanted to install sib panel/ use SIB panel.

SIB is the next gen automated SQL injection tool. It’s the most powerful SQL injection tool. The procedure is kinda long so without any delay lets start the tutorial.


Before installing the SIB make sure you have a vps with CentOS 6/7 installed. You can get the vps from azure or amazon aws.

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If you don’t have CentOS VPS then make one first and continue the article. As the installation procedure is long I wont be explaining about the procedure to create VPS. You can make it easily, its like making RDP from azure or aws. After creating VPS we have to install ISPManager follow the below tutorial to install ISP Manager.

How to Install ISPManager?

Note: You have to open http, https and 1500 port in your vps.

  1. Connect to your VPS using ssh. Follow this tutorial if you don’t know how to do so.
  2. Change the root password by following command.
    sudo su
    sudo passwd

    change root password

  3. After changing the root password download wget in vps by following command and enter y.
    yum install wget

    install wget in vps
    install wget in vps

  4. After installing wget lets download ISPManager in VPS. We can do so by following command.
    wget ""
  5. Now install the ISPManager with the following command.

    Note: SElinux must be disable in VPS before installing ISPManager. If you haven’t disable it you will get the error like this. Just enter yes two times it will disable the SElinux.

    SElinux error in ISPManager
    SElinux error in ISPManager

  6. During installation it will ask some questions just enter ‘s’ , ‘1’, ‘1’. Then the installation process will start. It can take upto 15minutes to complete the installation process depending on your VPS.


  7. After the installation process is completed we can access the ISPManager from https://youripofvps.:1500/ispmgr
  8. Now you have to register for ISPManager enter your details and register in the login page.


  9. After registering we are ready to move on to the next step i.e how to install sib panel.

How To Install SIB Panel?

  1. Login to the ISPManager using the root password that you put in step 2 of installing ISPManager.
  2. After logging in to the ISPManager we have to create two users for SIB panel.
    First, Create a use called ku. In the www-domain enter the ip of your vps and uncheck the add mail domain.
    how to install sib panel
    how to install sib panel
    how to install sib panel
    how to install sib panel
    how to install sib panel
    how to install sib panel

    Now lets create the www-root user. Enable everything in access of the www-root user.
    Uncheck these three for www-root user.

    how to install sib panel
    how to install sib panel
    how to install sib panel
    how to install sib panel
    how to install sib panel
    how to install sib panel

    After creating users in ISPManager the Status of the users should be like this.

    how to install sib panel
    how to install sib panel

  3. Now we have to install python 2.7, lynx and curl in the ISPManager for that follow the steps below:
    i. Go to Tools and then shell client.
    ii. Then right click on the shell and select blinking curser.
    iii. Type “yum install lynx” to install lynx and hit y.
    iv. Now enter the following command one by one
    yum install gcc openssl-devel bzip2-devel
    cd /usr/src
    tar xzf Python-2.7.16.tgz
    cd Python-2.7.16
    ./configure --enable-optimizations
    make altinstall

    v. Now lets install curl. for that type “yum install curl”

  4. Now we have installed all the requisite lets upload the SIB script in the server.
    Download SIB 8.0 from this link:
    Upload the script to /var/www/ku/data/www/

    Where is the ip of your vps
  5. After uploading the SIB panel to the server we have to put .htpasswd2 to the server for that download the .htpasswd2 from this link. and create a file called .htpasswd2 in /var/www/ku/data/www and paste the code that you got from the above link
  6. Now that we have uploaded the SIB panel and created the .htpasswd file, Now we have to edit 6 files in the file manager.
    i. config.php -> /var/www/ku/data/www/
    ii. core.php -> /var/www/ku/data/www/
    iii. database.php -> /var/www/ku/data/www/
    iv. crontab.php -> /etc/crontab
    v. lynx.cfg -> /etc/lynx.cfg
    vi php.ini -> /etc/php.iniFor Config.php
    Open the config.php, in line 357 change $this->server_url = ‘ip’ with the ip of your vps. And in $this->htaccess_auth = ”  put admin:techrim@ . And click on save.For Core.php
    Replace Bcj17LvrgP8O30Mm3IJ with techrim@For database.php
    In line 82 out techrim@ as password.

    For crontab.php
    Replace the pre existing crontab with this :
    also replace with the ip of your vps.

    For lynx.cfg
    For lynx.cfg replace the existing file with this:

    For php.ini
    For php.ini replace the existing file with this :

  7. Now that we have edited all the required files successfully lets give them proper permission. For that go to shell clients like in step 3 and enter the command below:
    chmod -R 777 /var/www
    chown -R ku:ku /var/www
  8. Now lets install the database. For that go to settings> database server and click on edit.
    In password enter techrim@mysql-user
  9. Now lets reboot the server for that go to tools>reboot server.
  10. After rebooting server go to PhpmyAdmin.phpmyadmin
    Username: root
    password: techrim@
  11. Now go to user and click add user.add-user
  12. Now create a user with details as below. In password put techrim@how to install sib panel
  13. Now click on ku and click import and upload the .sql file which you can get from here
  14. Now again click on ku and do as below:

    how to install sib panel
    how to install sib panel

  15. After emptying the database do the below steps one by to install sib panel

If you have followed the article then you have successfully installed SIB Panel in your server. To open the SIB panel open your VPS IP and enter admin as username and techrim@ as the password.

Hope you enjoy the article if you want more awesome article like this please leave a comment below.

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