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 How to Know the Cost to Rekey Locks

How to Know the Cost to Rekey Locks

We all want our homes to be secured for which door locks are the top-notch feature to get your home safe. Getting the maintenance of lock is necessary but it does not mean that you have to replace the whole lock system. The average locksmith does not cost you a high price when you get the rekeying.

When you get the lock rekeyed you don’t need to pay heavy amounts and get a solution in a cost-friendly way. You don’t need to pay a heavy amount in replacing the locks. You can save money and get a new life for your existing locks. Rekeying is more suitable for the homeowners who don’t want the lock replaced every time they get a new renter. They tend to pay the average cost to rekey locks that is why they prefer rekeying instead of getting in the mess of purchasing a new lock system.

You can also assure the security of your property when you rekey a lock because changing the whole lot more often can cost you higher prices which can incur more monetary loss. You need to get familiar with the rekeying as it is a broader term. Rekeying refers to a change in the internal tumblers so that the lock will no longer run with previous keys. The locks are then recorded to work with the new set of keys. Pins of the locks are realigned with the grooves of the new key or the set of keys.

The locksmith will rearrange the pins in a new way that also gives you the same protection as you get when you replace the locks. It is a cost-savvy procedure giving you high-end results Slotenmaker Geel

How much does it cost to rekey a lock?

The Average cost you need to pay when you need to get the locks rekeyed is 75 dollars per hour. Elsewhere, it depends on the type of lock which you need to get rekeyed. Rekeying a lock is ultimately the best alternative to the lock replacement.

Factors that might affect the cost to rekey locks:

The cost is not determined through a single component you can rather get to know all the factors that become the determiner of the locks rekeying price. Several factors deal with pricing.

Lock Complexity:

The nature of a lock helps to comprehend how much time will be spent on it to get it rekeyed. There is also a factor whether they require extra labor or not. The difference of locks matters; standard pin tumbler pins might be different than the high-security mortise lock don’t need to pay a heavy amount.

The process of rekeying varies from lock to lock. The process of the lock mechanism is complex; it requires more skills than the standard lock.

A number of the Locks to be Rekeyed:

The General cost for the locksmith is from 75$ to 130$ but it can vary if there are several locks in the house whose lock needs to be rekeyed. Generally, if 4 locks are going to be rekeyed then it would cost equal to four times the cost of 1 lock. Many people who acquire these services don’t want all the locks to be rekeyed on one key; they want multiple keys which can incur charges too.

Master locks are the best systems and they can be accessed with one key but it all varies from locks to locks and the type of master lock you are going to install.

Rekeying Process:

The Rekeying process involves just more than the costs or payments. These provide you comfort and convenience likewise if you think to do it yourself you don’t have the right tools. Supposedly, if you got the tools it is also not recommended to get into such a complex process. If you aren’t skilled enough in rekeying then this DIY may get your lock broken.

Some locks enable the user to rekey them easily but it is not the case for the majority and you might end up doing something that might hurt you. If you lack experience then you shall always rely on a professional locksmith.


When you want a lock rekeying then there are some factors you need to consider. It is most commonly seen that people install deadbolts on the front lock and while other rooms such as bedrooms will not have such locks. So, it is all about the variation in the locks for instance the prices are due to variants in locks. The cost to rekey locks is less than the replacing and it entails expediency too if handled with care. There are multiple options to fortify the locks rather than buying a new lock system.