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 How to Make Digital Copies of Your Old Video Tapes

Old VideoOld Video Tapes

There’s nothing quite like a good dose of nostalgia, and if you are going through your annual spring cleaning and come across a box filled with your old videotapes, rejoice! The only setback you’ll be faced with, however, is how you can watch these videos and think about ways to access all the footage inside of them. Unfortunately, most stores do no sell those videotape players anymore, and it is hard to find the ones that do. The good news is, there are actually options available that allow you to salvage your long-lost memories and to digitalize them so that you can keep them for years to come. We are here to help you access all that footage. Keep on reading to find out how!

Is Converting My Old Tapes Really Worth it?

It’s a question that you might find yourself thinking about when you lay eyes on these old tapes. You might feel like taking a trip down memory lane, and just spending a laid-back day and letting nostalgia hit you. Or you might be in the process of curating a wonderful montage video for your parents or relatives. Their wedding movie might just be sitting there on the top shelf, collecting dust and it must have occurred to you how wonderful it would be to give them the video as an anniversary gift.

In a nutshell, there is a multitude of reasons why you would want to get your hands on the good old stuff. But the fear that it might be too costly may be hindering you from getting them digitalized. Indeed, there are a lot of assumptions that lie due to the scarcity of resources. Some might feel intimidated by the tech-savviness of today’s world, or simply the idea of going to a shop that charges them hundreds is off-putting.

But rest assured, with various companies launching different kinds of video converters or DVD converters, even the more refined product will not cost you more than $200!

What to Buy

For a beginner, diving into this world of electronics might be daunting. You would want to get your money’s worth. Hence, we are listing down some products that will be necessary for converting your VHS tapes into digital videos. The most common concern when digitalizing such tapes or pretty much any sort of media is the quality getting distorted. This not only wastes all the effort that you put in converting the content in the first place but sometimes also ends up partially ruining the videotapes as well.

So, the quality of the video is our biggest concern. Thankfully there are a number of options that guarantee this great quality conversion with affordable pricing. It’s important that you look into different reviews to see what options are available on the market, and also pay attention to the features provided so that you can get the most out of what you invest in. 

How to Convert the Tapes

Some other things that you will need to start this journey:

  •   A VCR
  •   A video converter (like the ones we mentioned in the article previously)
  •   A computer with a USB port
  •   Some time to spare

Once you have these in place, downloading and installing the converting software to your PC is the first step. Then, use the USB video convertor to connect your computer to the VCR. Press play on your VCR and then press record on your PC – but after you’ve rewound the VHS tape to your desired timestamp.

The recording process happens in real-time, so it might take some time. But the results are usually always worth the wait if you had managed to acquire a good video converter. Afterward, you can even trim the video as per your liking. Knowing cameras in the old days did not have the pause and play options, the video that you have on hand probably contains some excess film.

As you can see, it really isn’t that far-fetched to convert your old videos so that they are digitized. By doing this, you are immortalizing memories that go far into the past and that will now live with you and your loved ones for generations to come.  it is relatively quite simple to convert your VHS tapes into digital media. Even though technological advancement is happening at a fast pace, old is still gold. The memories that are stored in those old tapes are worth more than any expensive device or camera. So be sure to cherish them by following this short guide!

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