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How to Make Money with Your Photographs

How to Make Money with Your Photographs

Images are everywhere in this society. You invite them into your home through your devices and they meet you outside through advertisements. You take your own with your phone or camera and share them with friends through social media. Someone has to provide these pictures and if you enjoy taking photographs and are familiar with how to manipulate images, you can use this passion and knowledge to make money. With some creativity and effort, you can generate income with your photographs.

Pick Your Audience

What you like to take pictures of will decide what your audience is and to who you market your work. If you like to photograph sports, you should plan to find businesses that cater to this field and design a digital marketing strategy to reach the companies that provide goods and services in this industry. Contact managers to find out how they get their images and follow up with this source for submission guidelines. Your best work is done when you are passionate about what you are creating, and since you get to pick your subject matter when working for yourself, choose what moves you.

Build Your Portfolio

The companies you want to work with need to see samples of what you can produce so having a portfolio of your best work is a must. Select 15-20 of your strongest photographs to showcase your talent. Each one should be a masterpiece that stands alone because your weakest pic is what people will remember, so make sure you would proudly hang each piece on a billboard in your hometown. Spend as much time as you need to in photo editing programs to be proficient in manipulating your images for the desired look. Be sure to adhere to submission guidelines given to you by the companies you plan to approach. Don’t be afraid to ask other photographers you respect for a critique of your portfolio before you begin soliciting buyers. Sometimes an objective perspective can help bring out what is best about your work.

Make the Sales

Having amazing pictures is not enough to make money with because unless you reach out to find buyers and publishers, you will not find clients. If you like to take pictures of lots of different subjects, you could contribute to stock agencies that need all types of images in every season and situation. Contacting animal clinics to partner with for your pet photography business could involve bartering for advertising pictures where you provide promotional images for them and they allow you to advertise in their offices. If you take pictures of newborns, you could offer some of your work to a local hospital to hang in their labor and delivery wing in exchange for posting your name and contact information for families to reach you. These ideas are all ways to generate clients and build a customer base for selling your photographs and getting new work.

Keep Up Production

Whatever you do, don’t stop shooting. Take new pictures every week if not every day and try different techniques of photo manipulation to keep moving forward in your body of work. If you have one certain aspect of your look that is unique, such as a favorite angle in your real estate photography, then explore this in every way you can imagine, including applying different filters, colors, lights and crops. Use this unique look in self-promotion material so that current and potential customers can associate you with this style. Go to places where you can take new pictures and build your stock. If you like to take pictures of flowers, go to a local garden show where you can find beautiful subjects and meet potential clients.

If you are a visually talented person, then take advantage of living in a society that thrives on interesting images by making money with your photographs. Be persistent and flexible in your new venture and watch your creativity bring you cash.


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