How to Make Ringtones for iPhone Using Ringtone Maker

How to Make Ringtones for iPhone Using Ringtone Maker

Whether you’ve been an iPhone user since the first one came out or have recently made the switch to it, you may have already noticed how everyone seems to have the same ringtone!

Almost all of the time, when one iPhone rings in a room, everyone turns around, thinking it’s their phone that rang!

The ordeal is both funny and a little inconvenient if you keep your phone in your bag or backpack because you’ll probably start sorting through your stuff trying to find a phone that may not even be ringing!

If you’re done with going through that all the time, you might want to consider making the switch and getting a custom ringtone instead!

Making a custom ringtone sounds like something you can do only if you’re super familiar with editing sounds, but that’s not the case!

Not even with iPhones! Trust me!

Using an iPhone ringtones maker, you can make your very own custom ringtone! In this post, we will be going over our top 3 ringtone makers and how you can use them to make ringtones for your iPhone!

So let’s get started!

#1: iRingg

When it comes to dedicated ringtone makers for the iPhone, iRingg is the best one in the market right now. That is an all-in-one type of program, where all you really need is this to create the ringtone, even if you don’t have any tracks whatsoever on your phone already!

Once you’ve installed the program, you’ll see that it already gives you a list of the most popular songs in the world or your area. That is done, so if you’re thinking about having one of those as your ringtone, you can use them directly from the homepage, but you’re not limited to those options!

iRingg also gives you the option of importing your track, chopping it up however you see fit, and then set it as a ringtone! So if you have the track on your computer or your phone, you can easily use it as a ringtone!

However, many people don’t have tracks on their iPhones and just stick to streaming music.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have the custom ringtone you want. You can easily use iRingg’s built-in browser to browse the internet, or just Youtube, to locate the track you want as a ringtone and select it. Then, you can trim that selected track into a smaller section or use the entire thing as a ringtone!

That’s totally up to you! Once you’ve made your decision, save the selection and export it to your iPhone!

You’ll be able to find the new, custom ringtone in the “sounds” section in your iPhone’s settings! You can select it from there, and you’ll have a brand new ringtone easily!

If you want to take things one step further and create your sound, you can do that too! iRingg lets you add different sounds to certain emojis, and you can use the emojis to layer the sounds and create your track!


  • Great UI in terms of aesthetics and usability
  • Easy to use even for beginners
  • The recommendation section helps make the process even quicker
  • Built-in browser
  • Built-in editor
  • option to create a custom track


  • You might want to spend all day creating custom ringtones.

#2: Syncios

Syncois wasn’t exactly made to create ringtones.

It was more of an iTunes alternative than backup, restore, or transfer data between iPhones. However, they’ve recently added the option of using their built-in ringtone maker too!

Using the ringtone maker, you can easily take a track from one or two iPhones or upload one from your computer. You can even use the video downloader it comes with to search for a track and download it onto your iPhone and then take it from there!

Once you’ve landed on the track and have chopped it up to the size you want, you can easily export it to your iPhone and select it as a ringtone from there!


  • Ringtone maker feature is easy to use
  • Ability to transfer tracks between iPhones


  • The UI is cluttered
  • The conversion to ringtone is a little slow but gets the job done.

#3: Zedge

Most iPhone users will remember Zedge as that one app/website that we all used to get crisp wallpapers onto our phones.

For the most part, Zedge is still an app that’s meant for that. You can find a variety of wallpapers on it. Now they’ve even added live wallpapers into the mix so you can fully take advantage of the live wallpaper feature on your iPhone!

As they did that, they added the option of ringtones in the app too!

The feature works similarly to the way the rest of the app works. You can go into the ringtones tab and browse through the hundreds of different ringtones people have made and use them as ringtones.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can even upload a track that you like, use their trimmer to trim it anywhere between 1 second to 10 seconds, and upload the track there.

Then, you can select the uploaded track from the library and use it as a ringtone on your phone! Tadaa!


  • Lots of pre-made ringtones are available
  • Easy to use


  •  Not made to be a ringtone maker, so it lacks features
  • Only allows ringtones up to 30 seconds long
  • You need to have the track downloaded to make it a ringtone with no built-in browser.
  • Pre-made options aren’t the best unless you’re looking for a song as a ringtone.

Final Thoughts

Customizing ringtones has always seemed like a difficult task for iPhone users. In reality, all that’s needed is the right ringtone maker to get the job done!

When it comes to our recommendation, we recommend iRingg.

Not only was iRingg made to be an iPhone ringtone maker, but it is also the one with the most features and is super easy to use, too, making it the best one in the market right now!