How To Make Your Real Estate Website Stand Out From The Competition

Real estate is a highly competitive industry. We are not exaggerating here, but you need to use all the weapons in your arsenal to stay ahead of the competition. In this modern era, you need to utilize all the solutions that technology offers to reach the highest number of potential clients, and one of these solutions is your website. However, just creating a website for your business isn’t enough, as you need people to find it and use it easily. It must be eye-catching and easy to navigate. If you are having trouble making your real estate website stand out from the competition, here are some tips that will help you achieve that.

Real Estate
Real Estate

Easy Navigation

People will get frustrated and leave your website if they can’t find the information they want with one click. For this reason, it is essential to make your website easy to navigate and accessible for everyone. Various information must be included on the website, such as the About page, listings, guides, financing options, blogs, and the Contact Us page. Each page is important to give the user the information they need, whether it is who they are dealing with, the properties they are looking for, how to contact you, and several other pieces of information.

Advanced Search Options

When you have a huge list of properties on your website, the client may feel overwhelmed if they can’t filter the results. With too many variables to consider in today’s market, each client has a different and specific need, that’s why you need to make your search options relatively advanced to let clients find the property they want. The advanced search options should include property type, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, outside spaces, area, and luxury features. The more comprehensive your search options are, the easier the client will find the property they want, and most likely the closer you will get to closing a deal.

Linking Properties to Maps

When a client is interested in a property, they will look for local amenities around it and how accessible it is. Linking the properties in your listings to Google Maps will allow the clients to check easily for schools, hospitals, markets, and other amenities around the property. You can offer more than just the location, as the developers at say that with a simple plugin, the user can search on the map instead of going to a list of properties. Several map plugins will also help your business in generating leads as the page asks for their contact with one simple click. It can include the same search options you have on your listing’s page for easier access.

High-Resolution Images and Videos

The little details show your client how professional your business is, and one of these details is the quality of the images and videos posted on your website. Posting high-quality content will show the client you have invested in every aspect of your business and that you care about your clients. Additionally, the client will be able to judge the property more accurately and sometimes like it because the photos looked amazing.

Go Mobile

People are using mobiles all day and for all types of things, including searching for a property. What many don’t know is that if your website is not mobile-friendly, it will harm your search engine rankings on Google. By making your website accessible for mobile users, it will be easier for clients to find it through Google search. When you work on the website’s SEO, there will be a higher chance of sellers and buyers finding your website, which in return means more business for you.

Personal Brand

The business’ brand is what will make clients remember you and refer you to their network. It is vital to show your personal brand not only on your website but also on all of your social media pages. The way you market for your business is how you build your brand. For example, if you are experienced in selling vacation homes, the website must have a relaxing and beach vibe so when any potential client thinks about a vacation home, they will remember you. You must focus on your selling propositions on your home page and zoom in on your strengths, areas of expertise, and reviews of past clients.

Real Estate
Real Estate

A website is not only about listing properties, it is also about showing your business’ unique character to bond with potential clients. You must give a lot of attention to your website as it can become the main source of lead generation for your business. Opt for a fully customized design for your website, so you would stand out from the competition easily.

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