How to Master Parental Control Apps in 3 Simple Steps?

In this exploding era of technology, everyone wants their children to be prepared for what is coming next. There is a lot to see, lot to learn and lot to create, all of it over the one and only place i.e. Internet. Almost everything that you can think of is easily accessible over the internet. 

I agree that exposure to the internet can fetch some nice skills in your children, but if exposed without a proper restriction, it can damage them too in some way. Like I said earlier, everything you can imagine is available on the world wide web. Literally Everything! 

To keep away your children from too much thrill as well as pornographic elements before they enter the right age is important. So, the best choice is to improvise parental control over your children. There are a lot of applications that govern the best security. 

In this article, I will tell you 3 simple steps to master parental control. The one solution I will prefer to use for explaining how to track an iPhone by number online is Spyic. It also works smoothly for Android devices too. Its great features will astonish you for sure.

Mastering Parental Control with Spyic and 3 Steps to Make the Process Effective

Mastering Parental Control is just 3 steps away. But before I would appreciate your effort to understand this thing in depth. 

Step 1: Opt for a true Master Parental Control App

Without a doubt, Spyic is your best option here.

Parental control in simple words can restrict your children or family with everything that you don’t want them to be engaged in. It can block websites and limits search results to Google safe search.

But doing so is a bit restrictive and might make your kid annoyed. Also, your kids will eventually find another way to do restricted things without you knowing. That’s why direct parental control is a bad idea.

What if you could see everything in your child’s phone without them knowing, and take actions as per the real-time data accordingly? Spyic is capable of tracking everything that is updated in a phone – know more here.

From WhatsApp messages to browser history, it can track it all. Android tracking was never an easy thing. But Spyic has made it possible and that too without rooting/jailbreaking your phone. Its app is of size less than 2M. 

Its iOS solution doesn’t even need an app. Just iCloud credentials of the target i.e. your kid will suffice. Spyic will fetch data in your dashboard in real-time from a kid’s phone.

After seeing the data, you could see what all should be restricted. Thereafter, either talk to the child or filter as well as block websites that contain mature games or pornographic content. 

Spyic also enables you to track the child online – this feature will keep your family safe. 

Step 2: Understanding what all Spyic can do.

Making yourself familiar with the Spyic application is most important, after you have finalized your parental control app. This should be your early step. Here is a small list of things you can track using Spyic while implementing parental control:

Browsing History Monitoring

Normal safe search settings will help your children manage focus over the internet in one direction. It will block any unwanted and bullying thoughts and images. It will also block specific keywords for your searches. But that’s not enough.

With Spyic’s browser monitoring, you can see every site your child has accessed and every download that has been made.

Afterwards, you can put restrictions to certain websites categories like Adults, Gambling and drugs, etc. Spyic features 7+ website categories to blacklist or whitelist.

Driving report

Spyic sends real-time location data to your dashboard and you can use it as driving report of your kid. This feature in Spyic had been a subject for applause for some great reputed geeks such as CNet, Tech Advisor, and Digital Trends.

Driving report can restrict your children physically by letting you know their driving activity. If they overspeed or hard-break his vehicle. It lets you detect their driving behavior, places visited and routes they went through etc. 

Spyic’s advance engine offers all around location tracking facility. It is capable of tracking kid’s real-time location. I am really thankful to Spyic for this feature without rooting or jailbreaking the phone. 


Social Media text monitoring

What your children hesitate sharing with you, they share with their friends for sure. And what lets them share instantly is nothing but social media chats and messages. 

Spyic is a vast smartphone tracking solution. Parental control through Spyic will let you check more things such as local messages, alerts, browser history, social media timelines and all. 

Unlike other applications, Spyic covers 7+ main streams like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter etc. All you need is to connect your kid’s account and you will be able to track everything they do on their account.


Phone’s Media Monitoring

Spyic has advanced algorithms that are capable of sending images from your kid’s phone gallery to your dashboard. Using this data, you can check if everything is fine or not.


Step 3: Implementing the boundaries

No one knows your children better than you. And you are the sole parent of your child. If your child is less than 15 then you may want to introduce all the boundaries possible, but if you are posing all of them on your child older than 15, that can be a little risky as I believe. 

So, you must decide what restrictions to put on your child. Things like driving reports and location tracking can be avoided in that case, if you trust your children. Restricting and Spying are both different things. Spying can have a negative impact on your children.

However, installing/using Spyic and stealthily spying your children is always possible – in both the cases. So, start using it and deploy better parental control without letting the child know about it so that he/she doesn’t feel like being spied on all the time.


Parental control reduces the risk of your child exposure to inappropriate content over the internet. Even if you choose the age filter, you must specify the right setting to monitor your child. 

If you want the best security, the inbuilt parental control applications can hardly provide you. Those will work someday and someday not at all. 

Applications like Spyic do a great job as far as I have seen. It helps you seamlessly navigate through its setting and offers good support without rooting or jailbreaking your phone.

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