How to Nominate an Employee for Awards?


If you want to keep your employees motivated and improve their performance, it’s essential that you encourage them with recognition and awards. 


Your employees are important because they are the ones who can take your business to the topmost levels. This is where your employees’ recognition programs and awards will come in handy. 


These award ceremonies are also a business strategy that most agencies and companies use to lift up the game of their employees. 


So, how to nominate an employee for awards? There are a few effective ways that you can use to nominate your employees for these awards. Below are some of the nomination processes that you should follow before nominating your employees for recognition. 


Nomination Process to Choose the Rightful Candidate


First, it’s essential to know that everyone has the right to make a nomination. It can be the supervisors, managers, heads of departments, and even the employees. 


However, whoever chooses to make the nomination, must consider the following:


  • The nomination letter should be up to two pages where the managers or supervisors must explain why the chosen employee deserves to be awarded a particular recognition.

  • Two one-page applications that address all the kinds of criteria that are available.

  • And one should be above all of these letters that must be from the employee’s manager or supervisor. 


These are the primary procedures that must be followed before you nominate an employee for awards. It can also be in the form of an email but in that case, you must provide DocuSign, Word, or scanned PDF. 


After you have completed all these procedures, you can now submit it to your manager or CEO for their approval. 


Employee Award Criteria and Types


There are many kinds of employee awards criteria that are applied depending on the performance of the employees. Employees who win these awards should be given award certificates along with other recognition materials. 


The reason these criteria are so important is that it distinguishes the specialty of the employees for which they have been awarded. 


If an employee shows extraordinary skills and performance, you can use the following criteria to recognize your employees. 


If any of your employees show courage and perform the actions of a leader to bring out the best from their teams then this recognition can be awarded to that employee. However, ensure that before giving this award you must have to see whether their colleagues also appreciate their leadership or not. 

Customer Services:

If employees give their best performance to satisfy their customers and the reviews from the customers are also appreciable then you can recognize your employees with this award. 


The employees who are dedicated to their work and are also very efficient with their performances can be nominated with this award. 


Employees who motivate and encourage their colleagues to perform better and get the acquired skills can be awarded this recognition. Moreover, such employees even try to help their colleagues to get better and even encourage them to excel at their work. 



The employees who try their best to improve themselves and go through different activities and seminars to acquire knowledge for their improvement should be awarded this recognition. 


Problem Solving: 

Employees who have the ability to come up with new and creative ideas to deal with a problem and are even courageous to handle situations without hesitation. This award then can be awarded to those employees. 



Employees who support their colleagues and are always willing to back the team when needed should be awarded this recognition. Moreover, such employees also make good leaders because of their team values. Therefore, such employees can be awarded this recognition. 


Bottom Line


Recognition plays a vital role in encouraging the employees to stay up to their game. Employees should be recognized and appreciated for their contribution and performance to the business or company. In this way, your employees will stay more motivated and committed to their work. 


Therefore, make sure to nominate the right employee for their performance and dedication to keep them at the best of their working potential. 


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