How To Plan A Successful Grand Opening

How To Plan A Successful Grand Opening

If you are just opening a business, have added a new location to an already existing business, or relocated your current business to a new spot, it’s time for a grand opening.

Since this will be a great opportunity to connect with your customers, you want to get off on the right foot. To do so, here are some suggestions for planning a successful grand opening.

Make Sure Everything is Working

On the day of your grand opening, don’t take chances on something not working. For example, to make sure your customers can make their purchases quickly and easily, you might invest in a state-of-the-art POS system from places like Lightspeed as this can connect to your accounting software and help with tracking your sales and inventory.

Have Food and Music

When brainstorming grand opening ideas for your business, deciding to combine food and music at your gathering will virtually guarantee everyone will have a great time. To make it spectacular, try partnering with a local restaurant that’s very popular, then mention this in your advertising.

Also, try booking a well-known musical act for your grand opening. Once people realize they can get free food and enjoy a concert, they’ll be lining up for your grand opening.

Give to a Local Charity

While people love to buy things at a grand opening, they also love to support a worthy cause. If you choose to let your customers know that your business will be contributing a portion of that day’s sales to a local charity, chances are they will buy even more from you on that day.

Whether you decide to help your community’s animal shelter or give money to those who have dealt with a natural disaster, people are always willing to buy stuff if it supports a good cause.

Have Some Special Guests

To give your grand opening the feel of it being an even more important event, invite some special guests to attend. This can be anyone from your locality’s mayor to perhaps a celebrity or pro athlete, any of whom can lend an air of additional importance to your grand opening.

Should you happen to know someone who is famous or have a friend of a friend who knows someone whose name is instantly recognizable, capitalize on this to make your grand opening one that is truly memorable.

Offer Demonstrations

Should you have some products that are in high-demand by customers, offering demonstrations and workshops at your grand opening will appeal to many people.

For example, if your business sells power tools or other items, showing how certain products work and how they can be used to the benefit of your customers will be an excellent way to draw a big crowd.

If you implement some of these grand opening ideas into your business, good things are bound to happen. Whether it’s having hamburgers and hot dogs for your guests or letting them meet a celebrity, these and other ideas will get your business off to a great start.

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