How to Play IPL Fantasy League 2021?

Fantasy cricket has been popular in a cricket-crazy nation like India. Cricket freaks can choose their favourite players virtually and create their fantasy cricket teams. Based on the real performance of those selected cricketers, your team would score points. More the points your team scores higher will be your team’s rank and thus more winnings. 

However, to win Fantasy cricket, you have to keep a few fantasy cricket tips in mind. Especially for beginners, following these tips and tricks is important to get an idea of its working. To increase your chances of winning matches and rewards, we have enlisted a few tips below. 

Consider the pitch and weather conditions of the day. These are crucial factors that determine how the players are going to fare. If the pitch remains dry, choose more spinners in your team. If it’s green, select swing bowlers and sound batsmen in your team. 

If the weather is cloudy and the ball seems to move a lot, choosing top-order batsmen would be ideal. 

  • Selecting Top Order Batsmen

If it’s a limited-overs game, selecting top-order batsmen is essential. They will be the ones to ball Maximum times, hence giving you the maximum point, both in terms of batting and bowling. Therefore, select in form, top quality batsmen in your team to increase your chances of ranking higher. Search for Indian fantasy cricket tips and tricks for more guidelines.  

  • Choose the right combination

It’s usually followed that every team should consist of two top-level batsmen, one all-rounder, two bowlers, and one wicket-keeper. Choose the best five players under these categories and the rest can follow. 

Selecting the right combination of players is important as it helps you maintain your winning chances for a long time in the league. Ideally, 60% of 11 players must be batsmen or all-rounders. Choose the rest of the team as per your preferences. 

  • Fill in All-rounders

One of the most important and frequently mentioned tips for winning fantasy cricket is the inclusion of all-rounders. They are considered to be a precious addition to one’s team as they are trained to perform well in both facets of cricket. One can choose a maximum of 3 all-rounders in a team of 11 and it’s advisable to make all three count. 

It’s expected that the aforementioned tips would help you understand the working of the Indian Fantasy league. If you are a beginner, research it. The more you research the more you would come to know of the game’s working. Consult experts to get expert suggestions and make informed decisions. Make sure to create a dynamic team that will increase your chances of maintaining higher ranks and winning the game. However, no hard and fast rule guarantees you absolute wins. There’s a lot of experience, gut feelings, and luck involved in this game. Know that Fantasy cricket is truly a game of uncertainties. These tips would only increase your chances of winning by helping you to strategize your game better. So what are you waiting for! Play fantasy cricket and win real cash now

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