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How to Post a Video on Steam [ Complete Solution ]

Ever wondered how to post a video on steam? Let’s find out. 

Steam is the ultimate destination for discussing creating and playing games. With nearly 30,000 games available, we can get exclusive deals, automatic game updates. It is a digital platform for the distribution of a large number of pc games.

It allows users to install games directly to their drives after purchase. Steam apps were initially developed for the MS  Windows Operating system but later MacOS, Linux versions were released, and later mobile apps were also released for android IOS and windows phones. It has community features like groups, friends, chats,  in-game voice, storage. It provides a platform for gamers and helps people to collaborate with friends hhc vape.

It has a huge community and hosts a large number of games for the users. Steam users can post a self-made video, post their reviews, buy games, and many more. They can also share videos among friends and have automatic updates on games. is a video creator which can help to create  videos.

Due to the huge numbers of players online, technical errors and crashes occur so to prevent this. Steam developed this online platform built to prevent this problem by adding patches. Here on steam, you can gift and trade different items among the community, i.e., groups and friends. You can upload your arts, your own creations, videos, screenshots, guidelines, suggestions, reviews, downloadable items so that others get the information and enjoy it as well.

How to post a video on steam? [ Complete Guide ]

There are millions of ways to post a video online on different platforms. World’s largest digital gaming platform, steam, also allows its user to post a video. Posting a video on steam is so easy, but sadly you cannot do it directly through the app from your computer. The simplest way of posting a video is by using your youtube account and connecting your youtube account with the steam app. So for these following steps should be followed thoroughly:

  1. Firstly open a browser through your pc or mobile and Create your youtube account if you do not have one. If you already have it, you can use the same one. 
  2. Then upload a video you have created on youtube from the video upload option. Make sure your videos are set to the public privacy option.
  3. Install the steam app and create your steam account.
  4. Connect that youtube account to your steam account. For that, go to the steam app and click on the videos tab, and then on the link to your youtube account.
    how to post video on steam
    go to videos


    how to post video on steam
    link youtube account

  5. A new page appears and on that page, click on the allow access to youtube videos. Then you will be asked to log in to your youtube channel. After connecting your youtube account with your steam account, you can find the videos you uploaded on youtube in the steam app on the videos tab on your profile.
  6. You can add your favorite uploaded videos of your youtube channel to your steam account. You can do this on both mac and pc.
  7. To add videos, you need to click on the checkbox and select the videos you want to add, and after selecting them, click on the add video button.
  8. Finally, your videos will be added to your steam account.
  9. You can have access to these videos by going to your profile, and on the right-hand side of your computer, you find the videos button. Click on this, and you can get the videos you added.
how to post video on steam


In this way, you can upload videos and also can mention which game is featured on the videos so that users or your friends find it easy to surf or see your videos and enjoy them. I hope it was useful. Keep on sharing the videos and information with your groups and friends. Happy posting! Also Read: Verify Integrity Of Game Files On Steam

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