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How to Prepare for Your MuleSoft Certification Exam

The MuleSoft platform is widely used as an integration tool to connect data, devices and applications. Its certification is a vital stepping stone in building skills to form a foundation of expertise to expound both individual and team success in a company. MuleSoft training and certification courses are widely available online, making your quest to prepare and pass your certification exam simple and easy. The exam certification is valid for two years from the date you receive it.

Suppose you already have experience with the MuleSoft platform and have worked either as a MuleSoft developer or architect before. In that case, you might want to consider attempting the exam for MuleSoft’s advanced level certifications. The MuleSoft platform provides three levels of certification:


  1. Associate 
  2. Specialist 
  3. Professional 

To clear the exam, you have to diligently prepare, as there is a substantial understanding of the pattern, structure and syllabus of the exam is required. MuleSoft training is a great option to get started with your training. Knowing this will ensure you feel adequately prepared and ready on exam date, and ace the test!

Exam Pattern

The exam for MuleSoft certified developers consists of 60 multiple choice questions, either proctored online or an exam centre. You will have 2 hours to complete the exam, and it has a passing score of 70%. The exam costs 250 USD. 

Keep in mind that there isn’t a negative marking to go ahead and attempt all the questions. 

Before the Test

You will be tested on a wide array of topics in the exam, but three topics can be tricky and need your focus and time to master. 

  1. Batch Processing 

You will need to understand how the three batch processing components work and only focus on the implementation and the results. 

2     Error Handling  

It is recommended to do a quick POC and understanding the aspects of their behavior of the error handlers, namely on-error propagate and on-error continue, instead of only learning the result and default behavior of each.

3     Dataweave 2.0 Modelling Language

Regular practice is required to get a solid understanding of its functions and features. Apart from that, make sure that you enroll in a MuleSoft training course, as it will go a long way in preparing you for the exam. These courses provide modules, quizzes, exercises, resources, simulations, and many other resources to make you ready for the exam. 

It is recommended that you gain hands-on experience of the test’s subject matter before you write it, as the certification is meant to be an approval and proof of your skills and not just memory. You need to ensure that what you learn during preparation is learn through experience because you’ll have to apply it during your work. So, take your time and write the exam when you are confident.

Training for The Exam

Training and sound preparation is crucial to clearing the certification exam. There are numerous ways you can prepare for the MuleSoft certification exams. The websites themselves provide resources. IT training experts like Koenig Solutions have live one-on-one training that can help solve your practical and even theoretical queries. 

The MuleSoft training cost varies and depends on what kind of course you choose. However, they are worth it because it prepares to clear the exam, and enables you to kickstart your career with a very highly valued certification like this one. 

It cannot be emphasized enough how crucial hands-on preparation focusing on practical problems is for this exam. Once you obtain your certification, you will need to use the platform to do your job well. Theoretical knowledge alone will not cut it. Furthermore, you will have done substantial work on top of the work you do in your training courses.

Tips for The Exam Day

If you are giving the exam online, make sure your system follows all the requirements and have a stable internet connection. Keep a government-issued ID for identification to the proctor. 


Preparing for this exam is not easy, and it takes a lot of work. However, with MuleSoft training, your preparation will be infinitely more comfortable, and all you need to do is follow what you’re being taught.