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How to Recover Canon Camera Photos


Everyone takes pictures in their cameras to save the memories of the moments. Losing photos of those moments can be stressful. You might accidentally delete the photos while checking them in the camera or in another way. This article will help you know the best way to recover deleted photos.

The photo recovery process is now easy with the advancement in technology and software. There will be a discussion on pro-tips that will help you decrease the chances of losing the photos permanently. Let’s start a discussion on photo recovery methods for canon cameras and other relevant things.

Part 1: Scenarios that Result in Data Loss from Canon Camera

Canon camera got fame among people for many years for their quality. Photographers and others get the canon camera to click on the best moments of their lives. It holds thousands of your memories in the form of images. There are many reasons that result in the deletion of the pictures from the camera. Let’s discuss a few of these scenarios that can result in data loss from a canon camera:

Accidental Deletion

You may accidentally press the delete button. Sometimes you may select the Delete All option that causes deleting all the photos. While viewing photos on the camera, it’s normal when someone doesn’t like an image; they delete it. It can happen that instead of deleting the one, you mistakenly tap on the All option. In this case, you need to use photo recovery software to get your pictures back.

Formatting of Memory Card

It can happen that you didn’t know that your pictures were on the memory card when you have more. When you format the card of the camera, it deletes all the pictures within a few seconds. You might format it by mistake, but the computer or devices will delete all your photos within moments. You need to use photo recovery software to get the pictures back. Don’t lose hope on losing the images, as you can get those back with the help of some apps or software.

Transferring the Pictures

While transferring your pictures from card to computer, you shouldn’t interrupt the process. Causing interruptions can delete any of your pictures. You should be careful while transferring your data, or else you can lose your data.

SD Card Corruptions

Another reason that can be common among many is SD card corruption. Your card can get corrupted that can cause deletion of pictures or loss of data.

CanonCamera Firmware Corruption

Firmware corruption in the camera can also become the reason for losing the data. It can occur without knowing one.

Canon Media Card Errors

There can come some card errors in the card that can cause losing the data stored in it. You should keep a backup of your pictures to avoid it. Card errors can happen at any time. With the use of some methods, you can restore your pictures.

The Intrusion of Virus or Malware

Virus or malware is something that can become the reason for deletion of the pictures. They can come anytime and cause a problem. When you scan your pictures with some antivirus program, it can also cause a problem. It can corrupt or damage all your pictures. While scanning, you should be careful about the program you’re using. Sometimes the pictures can become inaccessible because of this.

Part 2: Best Way to Recover Photos From Nikon Digital Camera

After losing the pictures, the question left with everyone is how to recover deleted photos? Many photo recovery methods can help you find the solution. Here we’ll discuss one of the best methods to recover deleted photos from Nikon digital camera easily and effectively.

Nikon photo recovery software can help you in getting your images back. Recoverit is one of the best methods found on the internet to help you get your pictures back easily.

Recovery Software

Wondershare Recoverit is a photo recovery software that provides quick and easy recovery of lost pictures. Let’s discuss the steps that you need to recover your pictures from the camera.First, you need to download the software that you can get for free. Install the software on the PC or laptop and connect your memory card with the computer.

Step 1: Select the Location

Launch the Recoverit Software for the recovery process on your computer. Now select the location where your camera pictures are on the card. Now click Start to begin the process. recover photos

Step 2: Scanning the data

Now you need to scan the data from your camera to continue the process. The software will scan the memory card of the camera all around. It’ll scan to find the lost or deleted pictures. The scanning will take time based on the size of the hard drive or partition of the computer.recover photos

Step 3: Recover your Photos

Recoverit does a deep scan that will recover your photos. You can see some pictures in the scan. Now select the images you want and then click on Recover to get your data back on your camera’s memory card. After getting the pictures, you should store them in a safer place to avoid any loss again.recover photos

Part 3: Pro Tips to Help Increase Chances of Canon Photo Recovery

You should always make a habit of doing something beforehand to avoid any loss in the future. If you take precautions earlier, you can avoid the risk of losing your data. Given are some tips that can help you avoid loss afterward:

  • Don’t use the same memory card to click pictures after knowing that the pictures got deleted from the same memory card. If you do this, it can interfere with image recovery afterward.
  • Instead of saving your recovered pictures on the card, save them on the computer. This will ensure that when you try to recover data, it doesn’t overwrite.
  • Always back up your files to avoid data loss situations.
  • Always wait before removing the files for the file transfer process to complete. If you will not allow the pending process to complete, it may cause file corruption.
  • Never use the camera on low battery signs.
  • Avoid using the same card on different devices to avoid viruses.
  • Before clicking OK on any warning message, read it carefully, as it can also delete the data or anything unintentional can happen.
  • Be careful while deleting the photos from the camera.


The camera stores those memories when you go to some memorable places and click those moments. The photos help in re-living and enjoying those moments again whenever you see the pictures. Those images help relieve the stress and provide a feeling of completeness when you miss someone from those moments. You should use the pro-tips mentioned earlier to help increase your chances of photo recovery if you lose them in any case.

If you accidentally delete the pictures or lose them, even then, photo recovery is possible. Many software can help you in doing this. Recoverit is one of the best ways to recover deleted photos from the Canon camera.

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