How To Report On Discord: All You Need To Know

how to report someone on discord

how to report someone on discord

If you live around America then you would know about discord as this gives them the freedom to interact with the gaming buddies. Here you would be able to take your conversations through a voice call and at times, you can also video chat. There is a feature in discord that would let you send a text the one you want to. Interaction here is free so you don’t have to spend a penny on interacting with your buddies. Have come across something intolerant in the chat box? Here is when you need to use the discord report feature to report the violation.

Every platform makes sure that the app stays out of any controversy and that is the reason there are some guidelines. There are guidelines about the chat violation so if someone would say something inappropriate then you can report. Now the only question here is how to report someone on discord. This is quite a complicated procedure but once you would understand it then things would be easy.

You have to make people understand the wrong words that they use over the app. Letting the app know about the violation taking place is the best way to deal with such people. This would not only help you get rid of such people but you would also help the app filter users. There are some strict rules that the app wants the users to follow and if you see someone not following it then reports. The procedure is not the easiest one as there are so many steps here. If you would understand about it once then repeating the process when needed would not be a problem for you.

The main question is how to report someone on discord?

If you could see someone violating the guideline of the app and not minding words then you should report that user. The main question that would trigger you here is how to report someone on discord. Well, this is not a very easy process but understanding the steps would be easy for you. Before you report any user, you have to know about the rules of the app. This would ensure that you are reporting someone with a cause. Let us know here how this takes place in the app:

Know whether the text is violating the guideline of the app:

This is the first step that you need to take so that you can get rid of someone who is not texting in a proper way. If you would see that someone is sending you abusive texts then this is the time you report that person. The text that clearly threatens someone should also be reported as it comes under criminal offenses. The first step here for you is to go through the guideline of discord. If you find the situation matching the guideline then you can take steps. The only step here is to report that user without any mercy.

If the texts you are receiving are not exactly what the guideline tells about then reporting would be baseless. Here you should try to talk with the person about the issue. In case they don’t understand about the wrong thing they are doing then ban them from your channel. Don’t let them communicate with you any further as that can lead to unwanted conversations. Banning someone is the easiest step here so even this thing would work for you if you don’t want to follow the process of reporting.

Find the relevant id codes:

You have to turn on the development mode so that you can collect the id codes. The id codes would be helpful for the team of discord so that they can analyze the conversation. The discord report would be easy in this way. Make sure to get three id codes so that the process could begin easily.

The codes are helpful in case the abuser would change the username. The codes would find the user and the conversation so that the actions could be taken on your behalf.

The final step is to send the report:

Once you get the code and are sure about the issue then you can take the moment to report that user. This is the last step and this would be quite smooth if you would make sure to follow the entire steps as said. You have to send the report details of the discord report department.

You have to mention your email id along with the type of report so that you can be updated about it. You also have to tell them about the subject and you would get the chance to explain the situation to them. Don’t forget to mention all the three id codes at the end so that the analysis can begin. If you want to make the report strong then you can send the screenshots of the faulty conversation. This would end the entire process and the user would be reported successfully. If you have any other issues or need tech or gaming updates, just check it on Technographx.