How to Revert a WordPress Multisite to a Single-Site?

How to Revert a WordPress Multisite to a Single-Site

WordPress Multisite is already known for too many benefits. Most importantly, just with one Wordpress installation you can create several websites with ease. You can manage all the websites from the same dashboard, facilitate sharing data and do a lot more.

But what happens when you just don’t want to share the database of one website with the users of other websites? Or, what will you do when one website really grows in terms of revenue and users and you want to manage it as a single website? Well, in such times you need to revert from multisite to a single website.

Many development companies in India provide this migration service. You can hire WordPress developers in India who can take care of the entire process professionally.

There are many other possible options to revert to a single site from multisite. Here we are going to explain these options one by one.

This is the popular option involving two plugins, one for migrating content and the other for migrating widget settings. It is a free of cost method involving less efforts. Here are the six steps of carrying out this migration.

  • Go for new single-site installation: With this you can create a single site with a temporary domain name independent of the multisite.
  • Now download, install and activate the same theme and plugins that were active in your old site.
  • Now start migrating content by using the Import/export plugin.
  • Now migrate the widget settings through the Widget Import/export plugin.
  • Now add all the users except the content authors by using the User Import & Export plugin.
  • In the end just incorporate settings by copying from the old site

Make Use of a Migration Plugin

The other most popular option is to use a migration plugin that you can access from the multisite content network. This will help you complete the entire migration process much easily and faster. When using a migration plugin make sure it remains compatible with WordPress Multisite. It should be capable of migrating only one site instead of all the websites in the network.

Remember, for the task there is no free plugin available as of now and hence you can only go for premium or paid ones. Duplicator Pro and All in One WP Migration plugin are two great options for the purpose.

With these WP plugins, you can quickly move your website in minutes from server to server and restore a website for any reason. Aside from site migration, they can also help backup data through different cloud storage locations. Moreover, uploading to a hosting provider is easy, which you can do anytime and anywhere within minutes.

Manual Migration

The ultimate option is to migrate it manually from a multisite network to a single site. Obviously it doesn’t cost a penny but involves a lot of efforts and several key steps. If you are not comfortable with the complexity and want a bit more help for customisation, you just take onboard a WordPress development service from India, who can look after everything.

As the first prerequisite for step, you need to copy a few components from the multisite network and install them again in the new single site. The key components that you need to copy reinstall include theme and plugin files, uploads in wp‑content/uploads/sites and the database tables.

Following these prerequisites, follow the below mentioned steps.

Create a Backup of the Site

Before you start with the migration process it is always advisable to back up the Multisite installation. For thus you can choose any of the backup plugins or else you can initiate a backup through the hosting interface in case the hosting provider has this provision. This backup will help you to use useful files in the new site.

Identify the Intended Folder in the Multisite Network

Since every site in a multisite network comes with a unique ID, you need to find the respective folder right in the wp-content/uploads/sites directory along with the database tables of the site. You can easily track the ID through the URL if the respective site.

Migrate Themes and Plugins

Now find out the themes and plugins used by the site you want to revert. You can either take them to your new site from the backup or can install them afresh in the new site.

Migrate the Uploaded Content

In a multisite network the folder of the contents corresponding to your sub-site can be found in wp-content/uploads. After finding the respective subfolder you need to upload the contents of the folder to the wp-content/uploads folder in the new Wordpress single site.

Exporting Data Tables

Just go to the phpMyAdmin of the Multisite Network and tap on the Export tab. Now find the tables relating to your single site. Select all the tables that you want to export. Select the Quick export method before clicking on the Go button.

Editing and Importing Database Tables

Now with database tables you need to edit two aspects, respectively links and table references. First you need to change all the instances of the multisite domain in links  to single site domain. Secondly, from the database tables remove the prefixes from site ID. After completing this edit, save the SQL file.

Now it is time for migrating the tables to a new single site. After editing the SQL file, go to phpMyAdmin for the new site. Now, select all of the database tables from the new single site’s database except only the wp_users and wp_usermeta. Click on the dropdown box, select Drop and tap on Go In next screen.

Now tap on the Import tab, tap on choose file button and select the edited SQL file. Click on OK and Go. Just within a few minutes the upload will complete.

Last but not the least…

To finish the process properly, clear the browser cache so that it doesn’t still show content from older websites. After moving the database tables, the login credentials are likely to remain the same. You can go for new login credentials. Lastly, give a last check of all the links and make sure the widgets and plugins are just working fine. Only when you are completely sure that everything is working fine, remove the site from the multisite network.

When To Hire A Professional?

As mentioned, working with a professional WordPress development Melbourne or any other location you’re in is a good idea to accomplish your site migration goal. If you’re too busy and want to focus on other aspects of your website, you can opt for an expert web development service that can also make your WordPress website SEO-ready.

Reverting a WordPress multisite to a single site can be challenging and tedious for first-timers. So, if you want to cut to the chase and prefer professional hands to do this job, you can hire a local WP developer in your area.

When choosing a WordPress development service company, you must check the inclusive services of the quote it initially provides. Compare at least three companies in terms of services, the turnaround time for project completion, reputation, service guarantee, and pricing. That way, you can obtain the most out of their services without being hard on your budget.


So, it is understandable that migrating a site from a WordPress Multisite network involves a lot of complexities compared to the migration between single sites. But it is far from impossible if you follow any of the options mentioned above. With these easy solutions you may not need to hire dedicated Wordpress programmers at all for this purpose.

Manual migration is still good if you want to be in total control throughout the stages and steps. Otherwise, you can always opt for ready to use plugins that make the job easier.