How to Save Money When Shopping Grocery on a Tight Budget

Grocery shopping can be a hell of a task when you are running tight on budget. Grocery is one of the essential needs of the household, and you can’t defer their purchase. In such a case, how can you cut down on the cost while not compromising on essentialities? 

  • Plan your week

Planning the meals of the week ensures that you don’t overspend on unnecessary things. Prepare a list specifying the dishes that you are planning to prepare for the next 7 days. If you can’t get an exact idea, make a rough outline. Check for the ingredients that are there with you and try to use them first. Don’t purchase an item just because you are craving something. Adjust your meals according to the material that is there in your home. 

Check your cupboards and fridge to look for any leftover meals. Eat those items first during the brunch to prevent them from getting spoiled. 

  • Stop getting allured

Whenever you visit a grocery store or supermarket, a plethora of things is going to allure you. Don’t get swayed by the flow. Stick to your list. Contemplating your finances should be the urgency of the hour. Always look for substitutes for costly things. Every company maintains a food standard, so the general brands generally undercut the famous brands. Look for the ingredient quality of these general brands. Keep a fixed expenditure on groceries in mind and try not to exceed that.

  • Opt for couponing

Coupons are the physical or electronic form of tickets that can be redeemed at the time of checkout. Using coupons can be beneficial when you are running out of budget. Try to save grocery coupons from newspapers and magazines and remember their expiry dates. Redeem them during your monthly grocery shopping. Refer to sites like CouponXoo, CouponUpto and search for genuine and exciting coupons. Couponxoo is growing, expanding its reach for more savings when shopping. They provide a plethora of coupons on big and small brands. Savings of even 2-3 dollars are paramount when you are tight on your budget. One of the important things to maximize your savings is, don’t spend unnecessarily just because you have coupons. Always use your coupons in the right order to maximize your savings. Beware of the coupon schemes offered by your general store. 

  1. See if they accept competitors’ coupons. 
  2. Many stores also follow price matching. Compare the prices of various stores and ask if the retailer agrees to return the difference. 
  3. Don’t fall for fraud advertisements claiming to offer goods at lower prices.

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  • Keep a watch on your purchases.

It is not necessary to cook all three meals in a day. If you have extra or surplus of the previous meal, try to use it and finish it by the next meal. Instead of depending solely on meat as a source of protein, you can consume other sources of protein like eggs, dairy products, legumes, etc. Remember, you don’t have to feed your tastebuds. Try opting for a healthy lifestyle and avoid junk food. Junk food has perilous, and they are much more costly. 

Draw boundaries to the consumption of restaurant food. If your children are too stubborn about eating home-cooked food, set a rule to eat outside only once a month. Such habits take time to get entrenched but are highly beneficial in the long run. 

  • Purchase the items in wholesale

Some items are required daily. For example, cereals, pulses, sauce, canned and jarred food, jams, coffee, tea, etc., should be bought from wholesale shops. Wholesale prices are much less than retail prices. The non-perishable food items can be stored for long-term use. Thus, prepare a list of such items and buy them in bulk. The canned food is much cheaper than noncanned foods. 

  • Go for the seasonal fruits and vegetables.

The seasonal fruits are much cheaper. Reduce the consumption of off-season fruits and vegetables. This way you can enjoy the exilirs of all types of fruits and vegetables at a low cost. Don’t store the veggies and fruits for long. Plan your weekly meals according to the vegetables that are lying in your fridge. If you see one vegetable going to get spoiled in the next two to three days, prepare that dish for dinner. 


Grocery expenditure is an incessant expenditure. When you are running tight on your budget, then cutting down your grocery costs can greatly impact your wobbling finances. Keep some monthly saving targets are challenging yourself to stick by them. Ask your family and friends to hold you accountable for this. This way, you will be able to increase self-control and boost your savings.

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