How to Secure Your App Idea From Being Stolen?

Protect Your App

A couple of months ago, I went through a social media post where the person was explaining how his groundbreaking app idea got stolen! And that thing was devastating.

Have an idea for developing your app? And You want to prevent your app idea from being stolen??

Luckily, there are numerous ways to protect your app idea. However, It is not such an easy task but not so impossible to implement. 

Here, in this article, you will learn about the six most essential tactics that will help you keep your brilliant app idea secure. If you are looking for an on demand app development company, this article will definitely help you and your clients. 

Why is it Important to Protect Your App Idea? 

In this golden era of apps and technology, you have an app idea that may simplify the user’s life also add value to their lives. Also, it is going to be beneficial in growing your business! After implementing that idea, you are all set to get the soaring market benefits. 

Now, think you have an app idea worth millions, along with the best and unique functionalities. Will you allow someone to steal your idea and make money?

You do not want to take the risk of a penny! Therefore it is essential to secure your app idea from getting stolen.

Are you sure that your brilliant app idea is safe? No? 

Let’s move to the solution part, 

6 Tactics to Protect Your App Idea From Being Stolen

Always remember that protecting your app idea is not an easy process but not impossible. If you follow the defined steps, your app idea will inevitably stay confidential.

  • Sign NDA (non-discloser document)

The legally binding contract is known as NDA, which can be signed between two different parties. It can be a mobile app development company or a hired developer, create and make them sign an NDA for security reasons. When they agree on the same, they make a legal document with all rules and regularities mentioned there. 

Also, ensure you get the best attorney to prepare the NDA to serve the purpose.

  • Copyright the App Idea

According to the laws, just ideas can not get copyrighted. 

However, as soon as you start developing the part of that project, just the coding part, I mean, you can apply for copyright.

But make sure that you have everything documented perfectly. This will support any intellectual property claims. Note the date and time when you have started working on that app idea, the source code or any other integral parts of the development process.

You may have to work with the hired developers or freelancers, who are more skilled in that than you. In this situation, ensure you have a signed contract(NDA) and own all the rights to that app idea. This is how the copyright helps you. 

An idea is just that – an idea. Legally, ideas aren’t typically protected under copyright laws. However, as soon as you start to code the project, that is something tangible that can be protected. 

Otherwise, the developer may claim that the code written by him is his idea!

  • Opt for Trademarking

Trademarks help restrict others from using words, icons, or logos associated with your app or company service. When you create a unique brand, opt for a trademark that will restrict your competitors from copying your app idea.

Apart from only the company name or logo design, you can also trademark the unique service features your company provides.

  • Document the Whole Process

Ensure that the documents include the code of your app idea, the visuals you have created for your app, brainstorming files and all other important information. Ideally, these types of documents are not going to help you with any legal issues. But they will make sure that the whole process is legal. Because if you have your app idea in well-written form, it will help you prove it in the court case if needed. 

Do not worry about too much documentation you will have, either. Thoroughness is better. Just keep in mind that whether you have stared working with any mobile app development company or a freelancer, you do note every single thing with mentioning the time and date. Do not forget about it!

  • Patent the App Idea

If you want to patent your app idea, the invention or the idea must be new and unique; the same idea can’t have been published before in any form.

Don’t know, how to patent an app idea?

You should keep two things in mind before you apply to patent your app idea.

  1. First, check the eligibility of your idea.
  2. You need to prove that the idea is all yours. You haven’t copied it from anywhere. Only you should be the original inventor of that idea.

Also, you can consult with a patent attorney to ensure that your idea is eligible and that you are prepared with a solid file to apply for a patent application.  

Use a non-compete Agreement.

This agreement is for restricting contractors or employees from revealing your app idea as we as the information to rival companies. It mostly stops anyone working on your app idea from working on any other projects simultaneously. Anyone working with you is not even allowed to take any other project in hand. They have to complete the signed period with you.

To create a non-compete agreement, you can search on google for a basic template and edit it by including all the information you are trying to keep secure. You can also contact a lawyer or a law person if you are not feeling comfortable doing this by yourself.

The Bottom Line 

Do not lose sleep because competitors can easily steal your app’s idea. If you take the proper steps, you will be good to go. 

Learn from the many real-world examples of apps being copied with no consequences. Please take the necessary steps to keep your app protected even before it has been officially launched. 

Doing so can prevent idea theft and allow smooth operations when your app goes live. Experience success with your creation.

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