How to Speed up Pc Performance?

Working with a PC optimally means that we have to look at the speed and performance level of the PC. First, you should take steps to optimize your PC to get smooth performance. In this article, we give you some tips on how to speed up pc performance.

Even if you are not a computer expert, you also know that over time the performance of your PC ends up degrading. The system becomes slower to load, programs take longer to open and looking for files becomes more and more tiring. With some small setting changes and simple maintenance, you can easily improve the speed of the PC.

How to speed up pc performance

speed up
speed up

Speeding up PC performance is easier but a little bit tricky. Follow the tips I am going to tell you here. I bet your PC will go as fast as it used to be again. Let’s see the tips:

Disable the automatic start of programs

Disable all those lineups that start when the PC is started. This will make logging into Windows much faster and will also free up some unnecessarily occupied RAM. You can do this by right-clicking on the taskbar if you use Windows 10 or Windows 8.x. Then, select the Task Manager on the window. In the window, click on the Start tab. Now, disable unnecessary programs by selecting them.

In Windows 7 and older, hit the Win + R key and put MSConfig on the blank box. Then, hit the Enter button to get quick access to the System Configuration menu. Press the Startup, remove the check icon from the name of all the programs that you do not want to start with Windows. Press Apply and then on OK to save the changes.

Disable animations and graphic effects

Even turning off animations and graphic effects can be a real panacea for the PC. Especially in the case of older machines, and can help improve their performance. How do you do it? It’s straightforward, don’t worry. First, access Windows Explorer/File Explorer. Then right-click on the Computer/This PC icon in the windows sidebar. Click on Properties in the menu shown to you.

In the new window, choose the Advanced system settings. Click on the button Settings. Put the checkmark next to the item Adjust to obtain the best performance. If your PC is not opening due to hard drive damage or other issues, the Xtra-Pc pro can help you to run your system. The xtra-pc pro review will tell you more details.

Optimize file indexing

Adjust the settings relating to file indexing differently than the default setting. On Windows, the files stored on the hard disk are cataloged by the system to speed up the search. This can ensure the better speed of your PC.

I suggest you remove Windows indexing from all the folders you rarely access. To do this, get on the Start menu. Search for indexing in the menu. Then, click on the Indexing options. In the opened window, hit the Edit button. Then, remove the checkmark from the folders you are not interested in, including the indexing procedure. To confirm the changes, click on the OK button and leave it.

Uninstall unnecessary softwareSpeed up

The presence of numerous software occupies a large amount of disk space and affects the overall performance. It is not so difficult to deduce that the uninstallation of all those programs considered useless can do nothing but good for the OS.

How to do it? It’s so easy, don’t worry. First, do the Start button. Go to the Control Panel in the menu and select to open it. In the screened window, click on Uninstall a program that you do not need. Then, select the program’s icon to remove and press the Uninstall/Change button at the top left.

Defragment of the hard drive

By default, the defragmentation procedure is performed automatically by Windows. However, you may have disabled this work by mistake. To confirm that everything is running fine, click on the Start button. Then, find out the defragment option and boost drives from the opened menu. By accessing the defragmentation utility, select them. Then, start the defragmentation procedure by clicking on the Optimize button.

Delete junk files

Another fundamental operation to improve PC performance is removing all those countless useless files (browser history, cache, temporary files, etc.). They are housed on your hard disk. That does nothing but occupy space and affect the performance of your trusted computer.

Get rid of it using CCleaner. It is one of the best free software to remove all temporary and extra files taking up disk space from your computer.

Find and eliminate viruses

We come now to the virus issue. It is well known and determined that computer threats within the system can create many problems. The problems affect the correct functioning of the PC as well as the user’s privacy.

To validate that there are no cyber threats on your computer. I suggest you immediately scan with the antivirus you have installed. If there is no antivirus on your computer, try Bitdefender, completely free and reliable.

Last words

After a few months of getting a new PC, your computer becomes slower and slower. There are lots of problems behind the slower PC. Sometimes, the problem is simple: some malware is installed or too many applications run at the beginning. Now, how to speed up pc performance? With these few little tricks, you can make your PC or laptop much faster.

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