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How to Spoof GPS Location on Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is popular for its unique concept of placing Pokemon in the real world. If you want to get more Pokemon, you need to go to a specific area to capture, which does come with real-world limitations, as some Pokemon simply won’t appear in locations you can visit. If you don’t live in the United States, you will say goodbye to Taurus. If you don’t live in Europe, you’ve probably never met Mr. Mime. You also can’t own a Corsola if you’re not in the tropics. While some people may pay to travel to these places, there are only a few, which is why there is a need to spoof a GPS location. Here you only need to use UnicTool TailorGo for Pokemon Go Spoofing.

With UnicTool TailorGo, you can change your location to almost anywhere you want and capture and unlock more Pokemon Go characters.

How to Spoof Pokemon Go

UnicTool TailorGo is a simple and dependable program that allows you to change your location to other places without jailbreak. You don’t need any technical know-how to use this tool to spoof your location.

Key Function of UnicTool TailorGo

Teleports you anywhere you want to catch more Pokémon.

Use joystick mode to help you change direction in real time as you move.

Simulate GPS movement by utilizing a customized route while moving from one location to another.

Support both iOS (including the latest iOS 15) and Android devices.

Spoof location on variety of social platforms such as Messenger and WhatsApp as well as AR games.

Steps to Spoof Pokemon Go with UnicTool TailorGo

First,Download and run the UnicTool TailorGo on your computer and connect the devices and click the “Get Started”

Then,You can select a transfer mode and enter a destination to change the location. If you want to simulate GPS movement, you can choose two-point mode or multi-point mode, and then plan the route, speed and direction.

Now,, the GPS location is successfully change.

Apply Location Spoofer to Play Pokemon Go

  • Download the app, and open it.
  • Select your location from the menu on top of the screen.
  • Enable spoofing by tapping “Enable”. This will allow Pokemon Go to detect where you are located even if someone else has turned off their GPS signal or blocked it by using an app like Geofencing (not recommended).
  • Start playing!

Fake your location

  • Go to your phone’s settings page.
  • Select the location option.
  • Select the spoof location option.
  • Select the location you want to spoof (such as a Starbucks nearby).
  • As well as choosing which way you’d like your GPS coordinates to be plotted on Google Maps, you will also need to select whether you want them displayed with or without an icon that represents what type of place they are (like an “M” for McDonald’s).

If this is your first time using Pokemon Go and haven’t yet figured out how long it takes for your character in-game to walk between two points, then wait until after he has been walking for 15 minutes before starting this process; otherwise, if his speed is too fast and he keeps getting caught by other players while trying not being seen by them—or worse still—getting killed by wild Pokemon—then try again later when things have calmed down some more!

Make sure the Pokemon Go App is in the background.

To spoof your location, you’ll need to make sure the Pokemon Go app is in the background. To do this, go to your home screen and close down the game. Then open UniTool TailorGo and tap on “Suspend Location Services.” This will suspend all location services for your device until you restart it or unplug it from power for 5 minutes (or whatever amount of time seems appropriate). Finally, open up Pokemon Go again and start playing!

Back to the list of your apps and find Pokémon Go.

Now that you’ve learned how to spoof GPS location on Pokemon Go, it’s time to test yourself.

  • From the Home screen, tap Apps > Pokémon Go (or tap the icon).
  • Tap Settings > Location Services.
  • Make sure that Turn On is selected next to “Allow location tracking.” Then tap Done at the top right corner of your screen and confirm by tapping OK again when prompted.

Final Words

Pokémon GO fans do not need to worry about any privacy rights and other issues, the software will not obtain and reveal any of your privacy. This Pokemon go hack is an effective solution for Pokémon GO players who want to play as much as possible. This solution is provided to make the in-game experience better. It’s simple and straightforward. Beginners can easily master using TailorGo without jailbreaking.