How to Stay Safe While Doing an Online Transaction

Probably, there is not a single active Internet user who has never bought or paid for something online. And each time, entering the details of his bank card, a person is exposed to potential danger.

The only way to 100% secure online payments with a bank card is not to pay with a bank card over the Internet. But in the modern world, this condition limits the freedom of an active person too much. Therefore, the task of the cardholder is not to exclude the possibility of losing money, but to minimize its consequences, to make them insignificant in comparison with the advantages that online card payments provide.

So, for the most secure online payment experience, it would be a good idea to follow these simple tips:

Just be careful!

The easiest way to get to the user’s password is not to steal it with a malicious program, which still needs to be somehow “put” into the system but to trick the coveted combination by deception. This is called “phishing”, and, unfortunately, people have been suffering from this type of scam since the Internet became widespread.

Therefore, no one, even a bank employee, should be told the PIN-code, the code on the back of your card, as well as the login and password for the Internet bank. Also, you cannot trust the letters and SMS requesting this information.

Don’t use suspicious websites when shopping online

The secure site address must start with https: //. Also next to the address bar there should be an icon in the form of a closed lock. These signs will show that you are dealing with a responsible seller and your data will be encrypted.

Get a separate card or e-wallet for online payments

For greater online security, you should get a separate card with a small balance to pay for goods on the Internet and keep your main savings on another card, deposit, or in the form of cash. For these purposes, another plastic card is suitable, but you can get a virtual one – as a rule, it is simply cheaper. You can also use PayPal or another payment service to pay – just make sure that this service is reliable.

Don’t ignore password security

All financial & banking accounts should be protected with a strong and unique password and a two-factor authentication method. It’s actually not that hard to remember a few good passwords. Well, if you don’t want to at all, or still can’t do it, install a good password manager.

Use a VPN

Unfortunately, there are no universal solutions, and even SMS with one-time passwords does not always help. Cunning Trojans are disguising as various mobile applications and intercepting messages from banks. Even those who use only the official Google and Apple stores are not protected from them. Therefore, it is so important to install high-quality security solutions not only on PCs and laptops but also on phones and tablets.

One of the most reliable solutions for securing online shopping is virtual private networks (VPN). Their use is especially important in cases where you have to carry out financial transactions while connecting to open wireless Wi-Fi networks in public places.

When choosing the right VPN provider, you should pay attention to its functionality. For example, CyberGhost VPN uses AES 256-bit traffic encryption, which prevents an attacker from using the data, even if it is intercepted. NordVPN (you can read the detailed review on nordvpn) has a huge number of servers in almost every country in the world. This will enable you to shop smoothly and safely on your travels.

Another advantage of a VPN is the ability to make better purchases.

Online stores and sites that offer anything for money, for example, services or content (software, music, films, and other sundries) locate a visitor by IP address and set a price based on geolocation (host country). Moreover, this is done not only for residents of different states but also for regions of one country. So, if you are in New York, you will be shown one price tag, if in Florida or Los Angeles, another. And only a VPN can help you quickly “move” from city to city. Often, these features work on stores like AliExpress and Amazon, etc.

Use the virtual keyboard if you are not sure about your online safety

Have you ever heard of keyloggers? They infect not phones, but computers running Windows or Mac OS X. The keylogger is quite difficult to detect since most of the time such a Trojan behaves quietly and invisibly records everything that the user is typing on the keyboard.

You can use the virtual keyboard to protect against keyloggers. To use the virtual keyboard in Mac OS X, choose System Preferences -> Language & Region -> Keyboard Preferences and check the box next to Show Keyboard and Symbols Panels in Menu Bar. You can now bring up the virtual keyboard by clicking on the flag in the upper right corner showing the currently selected language.

Remember these simple tips, follow them when working with online finance – and it will be much more difficult for cyber fraudsters to steal money from you. And since common attackers are usually too lazy for serious hacking, it will be easier for them to forget about you and go in search of more careless “clients.”

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