How to Stop Doubting My Girlfriend?

How to Stop Doubting My Girlfriend?

It can be agonizing if you have doubts about your girlfriend. Every time she’s on the phone, you are likely to think she’s speaking with someone she’s cheating with. The feeling of insecurity about your relationship can take its toll on you.

The good news is that you can clarify your doubts and restore the trust you have for your girlfriend. Of course, you can’t walk up to her and ask if she’s cheating on you. You have to be discreet about it. This is where you need a spy app.

With a spy app, you can monitor her phone activities to see who she’s texting and talking to. You can see the details of her calls and the kind of things she shares on her social media page. Without a doubt, her phone activities will reveal whether or not she’s cheating on you.

In this post, we will share how to track your girlfriend’s phone remotely and without getting caught with Spyier.

Spyier: The Super Secret Agent

Spyier is a leading professional phone monitoring solution that lets you view the phone activities on any device. It has millions of users in over 190 countries in the world. The app boasts of 35+ monitoring features, which allows you to see every data on your target device.

How to Stop Doubting My Girlfriend?
How to Stop Doubting My Girlfriend?

You can trust Spyier to help you clarify whether or not your girlfriend is cheating. It has been featured in various tech platforms, including Tom’s Guide, CNET, Android Authority, and Forbes. It also has an excellent user-interface that makes navigation very seamless.

Read this post to know about the features of the Spyier app.

How does the Spyier App work?

Spyier allows you to spy on your girlfriend’s phone activities without her knowledge. You don’t have to physically monitor her phone to see what she’s doing on it. You can access all her activities through the Spyier dashboard after activating the app on her device.

Spyier Android and Spyier iOS work differently in terms of the activation process. However, the monitoring strength is the same for both. This means whether your girlfriend uses an iPhone or an Android, you will access the same data through your dashboard.

The only difference is the activation process. The iOS version does not need that you install an app. However, you will be required to provide and verify the device’s iCloud credentials. For the Android version, you have to install an app.

You should know that it is impossible to track an Android without installing an app. App installation is standard practice and if any spy app claims otherwise, you shouldn’t believe it.

Many people have fallen prey to unscrupulous app developers in the name of playing smart. Therefore, you should be careful. The Spyier app is a 2MB sized app that takes a few minutes to download and install.

When installed, you can hide the app and it goes into stealth mode. It doesn’t affect the functioning or battery of the device. It works in the background quietly to transmit data to your dashboard. Your girlfriend can’t detect the app on her phone.

Spyier: The All-Purpose Spy App

How to Stop Doubting My Girlfriend?

The unique features of the Spyier app make it incomparable to its peers. The best part is that it is a no root, no jailbreak phone monitoring solution. To root or jailbreak a device, you must have some technical experience. This is because the process is very complex.

Rooting or jailbreaking a device also exposes it to cybercrime and malware. With Spyier, you don’t have to worry about this and this is one of the uniqueness of the app. You can access all features of the app without rooting or jailbreaking.

Here are some of the features available in the Spyier app.

Social Media App Monitoring

It’s no secret that girls love to share pictures and videos of themselves to get compliments from their online friends. If you want to know what your girlfriend is up to on social media, Spyier will give you the data you need.

The app lets you track their private messages, sent and received photos, videos, voice notes, and documents on social media.

These include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, LINE, Badoo, and more. All data comes with timestamps to let you know when they are sent and received.How to Stop Doubting My Girlfriend?

Call Logs Tracking

Get to know who your girlfriend is speaking with frequently with Spyier. The app lets you view her call logs remotely. You will be able to see her frequent calls, duration of calls, call contacts, and other details available.How to Stop Doubting My Girlfriend?

Text Messages Tracking

You can also see the text messages of your girlfriend from your dashboard. These include incoming and outgoing messages. If she also has some texts in her draft folder, you will also be able to see them. Additionally, you can see her deleted messages from your dashboard.How to Stop Doubting My Girlfriend?

Location Tracking

Do you think your girlfriend is lying to you about her whereabouts? You can verify her information from your dashboard. Spyier works with the built-in GPS mechanism and transmits your girlfriend’s location in real-time.

You can see her current location and location history, including the timestamps. With this, you can know if your girlfriend is telling the truth about her location. This informs whether or not to stop doubting her.

Spyier has more than thirty features and it is impossible to list all of them here. It gives you complete access to all installed apps on your girlfriend’s device. The app also allows you to view her browser history, so you can see the sites she’s been visiting.

How to Spy on My Girlfriend’s Android Device

The Spyier app works with Android OS4 and higher. To activate the app on your girlfriend’s Android phone, you must install an app. It takes a few minutes to complete the installation process and start spying on her phone. Follow the steps below to activate the app:

Step 1: Visit the Spyier website to purchase a Spyier subscription plan.

Step 2: Following the purchase, you will be redirected to the confirmation page where you can find your login details. Click the ‘Start Monitoring’ button to launch the setup wizard.

Step 3: Download and install the Spyier app on your target device through the link in the setup wizard.

Step Four: Click the ‘Start’ button to get redirected to your dashboard and start monitoring your girlfriend’s phone.How to Stop Doubting My Girlfriend?

How to Spy my Girlfriend’s iPhone

If your girlfriend uses an iPhone, you don’t have to install an app. However, you should know her iCloud username and password. You need these to activate the app on her iOS device. Follow the easy steps below to activate Spyier on your girlfriend’s iPhone.

Step 1: Visit the official website of Spyier official website to buy a subscription plan. Choose a relevant package and click the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Step 2: You will get redirected to the confirmation page after the purchase. Next, click the ‘Start Monitoring’ button to launch the setup wizard.

Step 3: Select ‘iOS’ in the setup wizard and verify the iCloud credentials of your target device.

Step Four: Click the ‘Start’ button to be redirected to your dashboard. You can start monitoring your target device from here.How to Stop Doubting My Girlfriend?


So, instead of worrying and living in insecurity and the status of your relationship, you can do something about it. Track your girlfriend’s phone activities to confirm if she’s indeed loyal to you or not.




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