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How to transfer data and Contacts between iOS/Android device


Ever tried transferring data from one device to another device, Say it is either android to android or iPhone to android or vice versa. It’s difficult and tedious work to transfer files from one device to another device manually. So there comes some savior apps, will refer you to some good ones in this blog post.

For transferring data from one device to another device, like android to android you can make use of data cables or other third-party cloud storage. While for transferring from iPhone to Android or vice versa there is no direct way you have to go through iCloud or third-party apps. These options might do your job but they are a bit more hassle and can even give security issues. You can make use of Samsung Smart switch or Move to iOS apps for these tasks, but they only work with their own devices, unlike Dr.Fone. Dr.Fone is the perfect alternative to do this job more easily and in a more secure way.

Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer by wondershare is an awesome tool for transferring data and contacts for any format from one device to another. say it android to android or class platform as Android to iPhone or vice versa. Whatever your query is whether it, how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android or to transfer data from Android to Android, this software will do the job.

iPhone and Android are the two top leading operating systems in modern mobile phones. People often shift from one to another and while moving from one platform device to another platform device, the change can lead to problems for the user as the devices aren’t meant to share files with each other. So when it comes to shifting from one platform to another or ditching an os. For transferring file, Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer comes to your help.

We will have to transfer files, data, or contacts from one device to another say it same platform device or cross-platform for various reasons. Some reasons for transferring the data might be:

  • Ditching and os and shifting to other
  • Dumping a mobile and preparing it for factory reset
  • Upgrading your current mobile devices

Whatever your reason might be to transfer data and contacts between Android/iPhone devices, Dr.Fone will help you to do the task in one click.

Why use Dr.Fone over other apps available in the market?

Dr.Fone is backed by one of the top leading software company Wondershare. Being it a Wondershare product,  You will get great support from them if you got screwed something while doing the task.  They have great documentation on how to use the apps on the official website. As wondershare is one of the most used and popular software-making companies, you will find solutions to your problems very easily and there are even hundreds of tutorials for using them out there on the internet. The product goes through a variety of tests and security-focused steps making Dr.Fone a more secure and perfect app to make your work happen.

The minimum hardware requirements to install and run this app is very low making it compatible with even low-end devices. It supports almost all companies’ devices. This software is cross-platform means you can use it from any of your devices like Android, Ios, Windows, Mac-Os, etc. You can find an installation guide for every platform from their website.

You can use a Personal Computer (Pc) with Dr.Fone as a middle object to transfer files from one device to another. If you don’t have a PC, no worries with Dr.Fone you can transfer between devices directly with the help of Dr.fone and a cable.  Just download the Dr.Fone in Android and do Phone transfer and useiOS-to-Android adapter.

The transfer of data and contacts between the devices will happen in very little time like minutes with their high-speed transfer. They support over 8000+ Android and iOS devices and support almost all file types. You can even backup your WhatsApp messages with this tool not only contacts or other data. You can even transfer your text messages with this. It’s a complete solution that you will need while doing the transfer of data, contact, or messages from one device to another device.


I have stated the benefits you can get by using Dr.Fone over other apps or methods while transferring data or contacts between Android/iOS devices. I won’t say Dr.Fone is the only way you can get that job done. There are various other tools and methods to do that job but as I stated earlier in the article, they are more of a hassle and you might even face various security issues with them. You will get any time support from the team if you face any issues while using Dr.Fone. Also, there is a detailed guide on their official site for the use of their software.