How to Turn a Cheap Laptop into a Gaming Laptop

If you can transform a cheap gaming laptop into a dedicated gaming rig, it not only saves money but also showcases your efficiency, but also goes well with best mouse with butterfly clicking. While there are many laptops that are upgradable and hence give you the chance to make it even better, there are still some laptops that are non-upgradable.

However, whatever the case is if you want to know how to turn a cheap laptop into a gaming and best laptop, it needs some proper guidance that demands your attention. Below we shall take a look at those minor factors that are greatly impactful for making your cheap laptop into a full-fledged gaming-ready gear.

Make it ready

Gaming laptops are more efficient since they have powerful processors, GPUs for backup graphics, larger space, and more. But if you are using a cheap laptop you need to make it efficient. The first step is to clean it thoroughly. Remove dust and clear the junk to prevent overheating in the first place. Clean your hard drive and install a good antivirus for optimal performance.

Update it

Another thing for making your laptop a gaming dedicated one is to update the drivers and DirectX. DirectX is an important program that is especially best for providing the games boosted support. Make sure you use the updated DirectX version.

You can check the DirectX version by going into the laptop’s main menu and typing “Dxdiag” there. From there you can update the DirectX current version by updating the Windows version that you are using.

You Don’t Need Auto Updates

If you have a cheap gaming laptop but want to turn it into gaming dedicated one, disabling the automatic updates will greatly increase the gaming performance. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the game update and operating system update turn-off. Preferably you should keep the control in your hands as missing out on an update is also not a good idea for the overall good performance of both laptop and game.

Overclock VGA and change texture/change settings

If you want to get the same gaming experience as a budget gaming laptop under $300 would offer overclocking the VGA can make a difference. Hike up the clock frequency and GPU voltage of the laptop to uplift the laptop efficiently for taking heavy games easily. With that, you should also customize the texture and shading as you want.

Seamless network connection

Without smooth internet connectivity, you cannot expect better interaction with other game players in the first place/ If you want to play eSports or online games, the network needs to be efficient enough. Your laptop should be able to handle high-speed internet without any poor signal issues.

Turn on the gaming modes

Playing games without game mode turned on is certainly not a gamer’s way. Majorly every laptop (with Windows 10) comes with Game Mode. Hence it becomes premium when you stream online and play games to keep this feature enabled. Another good thing that the game mode brings along is that it enhances the game quality followed by the fluid-like experience which you will surely notice.


By following simple steps you can surely update the laptop you are using and make it into a gaming laptop. It’s fun to enjoy your same rights for dedicated tasks by just working on them. A tip for efficient laptop shift to the gamer’s gear is you should also optimize the power settings.

All in all, if you want to experience the high-end gaming exposure that leaves no stone unturned, the latest laptops with FreeSync or more surprising features would provide you with the next-level result.

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