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How to use Facebook on Roku | Roku Problem Solved | 2021

Facebook on Roku

How to use Facebook on Roku

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platform. Nearly every once accessed to internet has facebook account. In facebook you can upload your photos, videos, thoughts and share with you friends. Not only these you can also message, call (audio and video both) to your friends and watch different videos.

“Watching Videos” , What can be the better device to watch video than Roku, if you have Roku devices. But it is not as easy as you thought. If you wanted yo stream Netflix you can simply add it via “Add Channel” button. If there isn’t any official channel then you can use unofficial channel like adding twitch on roku.

But for facebook neither there is official app nor unofficial app. So you can not use facebook on Roku. But that doesn’t mean its impossible to watch facebook on Roku, we will share a method with you to watch facebook video on Roku.

How to use Facebook on Roku

As mentioned above there is not any official or unofficial channel of Facebook for Roku so we have to use screen sharing method to use it. Not sure what is Screen Sharing method?  Its mirroring you screen from mobile phone or PC to Roku device to watch Facebook video.

If you don’t know how to mirror your device to Roku then follow the steps mentioned below.

Note: Not all Roku devices accept screen mirroring. The devices mentioned below can only mirror the screen.

  1. Roku Express: Supported on model 3900 (introduced in 2017), and not on model 3700
  2. Roku Express+ : Supported on model 3910 (introduced in 2017), and not on model 3710 and in model 3910, screen mirroring is only supported on the HDMI output, and not on the composite, or A/V output.

1. Update your Roku to Latest Version

First thing first you need to update your Roku Device to its latest version in order to screen share your device to Roku to watch facebook video. If you didn’t updated your Roku device then you may face the problem like we faced in Netflix, which we posted in our previous article. To update Roku to latest version follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the home screen of your Roku Device and from the home screen go to setting.

    Facebook on Roku - Update Software

  2. Once you are in setting, go to System.

    Facebook on Roku - System Setting

  3. In system go to “System update” and check if there is any updates available. If you see updates then update your Roku device. If your system is up to date then you can good to move to next step.

    Facebook on Roku - Latest version
    Facebook on Roku – Latest version

2. Mirror your Device to use Facebook on Roku

Once you confirm you are on latest version of Roku device you are ready to share / mirror your screen your Roku device. To mirror your device follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Home screen of your Roku and then to setting. When you are in setting you will see something like this.

    Facebook on Roku - Update Software

  2. From Settings go to “System“. Like we went while checking for the system updates.

    Facebook on Roku - System Setting

  3. Once you are in system, go to “Screen Mirroring” it is just above the System update option.

    Facebook on Roku - Screen mirror
    Facebook on Roku – Screen mirror

  4. On the right side you can see different options “Prompt” , “Always allow”  and “Never Allow“. You can see what will happen when you select any of the options just below the screen. If you are comfortable then we suggest you to select “Always allow” so that the screen mirroring process will be fast and easy in future.

Now that we configured our Roku device to mirror the screen, the method to mirror the screen is different for different devices. We will start with Android.

Roku Screen mirror for Android

Mirroring you android device to watch facebook video in Roku is easy than than other devices. If you are using android version above 4.0 and is not a Google branded device running OS 6.0 or later like a Google Nexus or Pixel, then mirroring the screen is done by clicking a built in button on the screen. You may see any of the buttons mentioned below in your android:

  1. Smart View
  2. Quick Connect
  3. SmartShare
  4. AllShare Cast
  5. Wireless display
  6. Display mirroring
  7. HTC Connect
  8. Screen casting
  9. Cast

When you click on any of the button below you will see you Roku device listed there just click on it and you are good to go. You screen is mirrored to the Roku device.

Roku Screen mirror for IOS:

If you are using IOS then screen mirroring option is little bit different. Follow the steps below to mirror your screen from IOS to Roku to watch facebook on Roku.

  1. Download the Roku IOS application from app store following this link.
  2. Once you have downloaded and installed the application in your IOS device, open it.
  3. Once you have opened the Roku app hit the Media button which is on the button part of the app.

    Facebook on Roku - Screen mirror
    Facebook on Roku – Screen mirror

  4. Once you hit the Media option. You sill see “Connect” button. Just click on connect and you are done

Now that you have successfully mirrored the screen from android or IOS to Roku. Open the facebook on your device and watch facebook videos on Roku.

Final Words

Although Facebook is not available for Roku, we can use facebook on roku. There is always alternative way to everything. If you want us to post like this article where we tried to show you the alternative way to do things or solve the different problems that you face. Then leave a comment to support our work.

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