How to use Google Effectively – Latest Google Hacks 2019

how to use google

Google has always been a great search engine. It’s amazing algorithm and machine learning methods have proved itself. Google have introduced many interesting and useful features time by time. Despite sometimes we face some difficulty while finding something on google.. 
Google is more powerful than we think, this post is all about how to use google more efficiently to not waste the time and find fast results that you need and also some of the best and unknown google features that are fun.. Here are some tips on how to use google effectively in 2019.

1.) Intitle for page title :-

      Every webpage has it’s specific title in html coding. You can search your product with writing intitle: before it. i.e if you are searching about rich dad poor dad you can search intitle:rich dad poor dad for the best results.Belive me using this you will find best results. See below:

2.)Filetype :-

        If you are seeking to download any particular file (it can be pdf, doc, mp, mp4 etc.), and you can not find if even after scrolling lots of web sites, here is a great google searching tip for you. Try using filetype: before you product name. For example if you want to download books about cryptography just type like this filetype:pdf cryptography.

As you can see all the pdf results are appeared. You can also use long tail keywords searching with filetype. I often use this for downloading different free books which. You can also find your favorite songs, movies etc.

3.) Search Forgotten Words:-

      If you have any phrase to search and you have forgotten any particular word of that phrase, it’s okay google is gonna find that for you . Just put the astric(*) sign instead of that word and despite you will find the right result. See the example below:

 Instead of war I put astrick sign and google showed me the first result of world war II .

4.)Translate……To….. :-

      Some of you might know about google translator, google can translate into lots of different languages. To translate any word or simple phrase very fast, you can use Translate To keyword. For example :- type in google search box  Translate hello to Spanish

Google will instantly translate it for you.

5.) Google voice assistant:-

      If you are an android user then you might know about google voice assistant. Google searches whatever you speak. This would be very less time consuming for you.

Here is how to use google assistant in android.

6.)Google Converter and calculator :-

 Google is always ready to help you, even in math related problems, Google have a great calculator in case you want to use calculator. Just type calculator in the search box. After hitting enter, google will open a cool interface of calculator. 

Google also has different converters, like length converter, weight converter etc. It also has currency converter where you can convert any value of a particular currency to another. Like dollar to INR.You can also convert BTC to dollar or any other currency.

7.) Do Barrel Roll :-

      Just type Do barrel Roll in search box and see the magic. 

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