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How to use TOR as VPN | TOR VPN | 2020 | Protect your identity online

What is TOR?What is TOR?

Yes, you heard it right, use Tor as a VPN, i.e. TOR VPN. It may sound weird, but you can use TOR as a VPN. After seeing the topic of today’s post, there may be several questions in your minds like why to use Tor as a VPN (TOR VPN), what is Tor and all. Let me explain it in detail.

Some may don’t have concept about tor so let’s start with the basic explanation.

What is TOR?

What is TOR?
What is TOR?

Tor is short form of The Onion Router (thus the logo) and was initially a worldwide network of servers developed with the U.S. Navy that enabled people to browse the internet anonymously. Now, it’s a non-profit organization whose main purpose is the research and development of online privacy tools. For details explanation you can read it here.

How to use TOR?

Despite the complex system of Tor, it is actually very easy to use. We simply can download the TOR Browser from the official website and use it just like we would with any other browser.

How much secure is TOR?

The data is encrypted in different layers of packets before it enters into the Tor Network. Then it is passed through different nodes (series of volunteer-operated servers also known as relays).

When a data is passed through a node, a layer of encryption is removed to get the location of next node. When the data pass the final node (the final node is also called exit node) the encryption is removed and the final destination receive the data.

Each relay only decrypts enough data to know the location of the previous and next relays. Since each path is randomly generated and none of the relays keep records, it’s nearly impossible for your activity to be traced back to you through Tor’s complex network.

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Is Tor Browser a VPN?

Tor browser and VPNs are both made for protecting your privacy online. However, They are not the same thing. They are two very different technologies that protect you in different ways.

When you use a VPN, all of your data is secured with end-to-end encryption. It’s then directed through a safe channel to a remote server that connects you to the website you are trying to visit.

Tor browser protects your privacy in a different way, which we explain above. Now you may have a question that the title of the article says How to use Tor as VPN and now we are saying TOR is not a VPN. Let’s make it clear before moving into the actual topic.

The flexible part of VPN is that we can change the country easily so that we can surf internet from which ever country we wanted. But in case of TOR we have to stick with the fix country(if you don’t know how to change the country.). So basically this article is about a way to change the country in TOR too so that we can surf internet from which country which want using TOR encryption(TOR VPN).

Which is good TOR VPN or VPNs?

If you have questions about which is best TOR or VPN, there are plenty of articles about TOR VS VPN. Here are some articles as reference:

  1. From Panda Security
  2. From CompariTech

Now you have learnt about what is TOR, how does it works and how is it different from VPN. Let’s enter in to the topic that is How to use TOR as VPN i.e. TOR VPN.

How to use TOR as VPN

  1. To use TOR as VPN first we need to download TOR Browser. You can download it from here.

    How to use TOR VPN
    How to use TOR VPN

  2. After downloading the Tor From the above link install TOR in your computer. To install follow the installation process in the screen.

    How to use TOR VPN
    How to use TOR VPN

  3. After installing the TOR on computer find your Tor Browser installation folder. [You can see the folder in the desktop]
  4. Navigate to Browser -> TorBrowser -> Data -> Tor


  5. Open the file torrc with a text editor and Add the following line to make the Tor Browser use exit nodes from specified country only. For US we can do:
    ExitNodes {us} StrictNodes 1

You can add multiple country codes like this:

Consider disabling strict nodes. You can do this by replacing StrictNodes 1 with StrictNodes 0 which will ensure that Tor can still use other countries’ codes if your specified ones aren’t working.

Note: To find the country code of your country, look here.

That’s all now you can use TOR like a VPN. If you want to connect to particular country just change the ExitNodes. This way you can bypass the geo-restriction in TOR too.

Hope this article will help you and help to protect your identity online. If you want more helpful articles like this keep supporting us 🙂

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