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How to Watch US-Only Netflix Shows from Anywhere?


Netflix is the undisputed hub of online streaming. With over 7000 shows and movies, it brings the best and binge-watching worthy content for viewers. From Breaking Bad to Money Heist, you can get shows that will make you awe-struck. But one disturbing factor for me is that Netflix has different content libraries for each region. I found that this is due to geo-restrictions. Geo-restriction is the concept of restricting users from accessing content. In the case of Netflix, it happens due to licensing restrictions, which is why certain content is only available in specific countries.

While I was searching for The Walking Dead, I found that this show is only available in a few countries, excluding mine. This intrigued me to find out about the content available in different regions.  During my discussion with the Senior Editor of StreamingRant, he told me, “Netflix has different content available for different regions. And, some of them are extensive. However, the US has the most extensive and biggest content library on Netflix.”

So, to help everyone out in accessing US Netflix library, I thought of bringing a guide to the attention of all binge-watchers.

How to Watch US-Only Netflix Shows from Anywhere?

  • Sign Up for a VPN that works with Netflix
  • Select the package that you like and Log in with your credentials
  • Once you are logged in, connect to a US Server
  • Open Netflix and See the difference in the Netflix library

Well, VPN (Virtual Private Network) make your geographic location to be masked and connects you to the IP of your chosen or desired location. This spoofing of your location tricks the streaming service to think that you can stream the content.

Netflix’s Attempt to Block VPNs

Netflix doesn’t want its users to stream shows and films in regions where it isn’t licensed to distribute them. To prevent this from happening, Netflix keeps an eye out for connections with DNS server location mismatches as well as IP addresses that are known to belong to VPNs. However, with the premium VPN service providers, you can always access Netflix libraries from other regions.

5 Shows That You Can Only Stream on American Netflix Library

The Twilight Zone

IMBD Score: 9

The show is about the journey into the wondrous land of imagination. This series is a great watch for people who have loved the unorthodox dimensions of the show. But it is only available on the American Netflix library, and thus you will have to access it with a VPN.

The West Wing

IMBD Score: 8.9

Aaron Sorkin has brought the best performance in this show. If you love to watch how good leaders of the country act and how a leader can make everything right, this is perfectly a great show for you. This show can become your perfect escape from things that are currently happening in the world.

Twin Peaks

IMBD Score: 8.8

People who thought David Lynch is a weirdo have started to think otherwise after the Twin Peaks. This show has brought his talent on-screen, and the shows are a great treat to watch for all the mystery lover.


IMBD Score: 8.6

You might confuse it with Dexter’s laboratory but let me clarify that this series is all about a crime investigation story. This suspense and thriller story could be an amazing pick for you if you love that genre.

Criminal Minds

IMBD Score: 8.1

Sure, those in power are all doing some sort of crime or another. But what about more approachable, yet no less sexy serial killers? That’s what Criminal Minds is all about – for 15 seasons now!

These are 5 amazing shows that you can watch on the US Netflix library only, and after this blog, you have the exact idea of how to access the US only Netflix shows from anywhere.