How USB Flash Drive Store Data

USB FlashUSB Flash

A USB flash drive is the data storage device that comes with flash memory. Generally, it is removable, re-writable, and smaller than the optical disc. Another updated version of the flash drive is Photostick which is more advanced to store images and videos.

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It is used to store media files and to transfer them to another computer. However, the evolution never stops, as a result of that we have another version of the photostick which is developed for mobiles. It is a great device for extra data storage but have you ever thought about how the photostick flash drive stores data? A flash drive uses flash memory to store data, flash memory uses an (EEPROM) Electrically erasable programmable read-only format to store and retrieve data.

What Is a Photostick?

USB Flash
USB Flash

Phtotstick is also a kind of USB flash drive that is developed specifically for media file storage. It is able to store thousands of images at once. Its compact design and storage capability makes it popular.  It works to organize the files in an efficient way.

It locates all the files in the computer and sorts them automatically by deleting the same items. A photostick automatically finds the old images and organizes them. It is a great device for professional photographers.

How Photostick Store Data?

It works with fascinating technology to store data. There is embedded software in the photostick to locate the files by searching the whole computer. Once it completes searching, start to copy those files onto the photostick device and save them. Phototstick is compatible with any computer.

It can be used to transfer files from one computer to another computer. Just copy the files and eject the photostick then insert the device to another computer and transfer the copied files to the computer.

EEPROM is the main element to store data on the flash drive. This memory chip retains information without requiring power as it is different from the flash RAM. There are cells inside the flash chip where data is stored. Those saved data are protected by floating gates.

What Is a Photostick Mobile?

Usually, photostick is familiar as photo and video storage which is used for the PC. The photostick mobile is also the same but works for only mobile and tablets. It is designed specifically for portable devices.

Storage is a common problem for most mobile users as images and videos occupy a huge space. As the photostick is designed mainly for the image and videos it is perfect as the alternative storage for the mobiles.

What Are the Differences Between Photostick and Photostick Mobile?

Both of them are USB flash drives and use flash memory to save data. They are the easy solution to back up the media files. However, the photostick and photostick mobile difference Guide explained some key points. Here are also some basic difference given below:


A photostick works as a traditional flash drive which is very simple to use. It is specially designed to import photos and videos with a single click. Here are the steps to use the photo stick.

  • Turn on the computer.
  • Insert the photo stick device onto the USB port of the computer.
  • Wait for the device to appear on the PC’s screen.
  • Open the Photo stick windows and click the “Go” button.
  • Wait until the backup process is completed by itself.

Benefits of the Photostick

It has some remarkable benefits that attract users, mostly professionals. Because the professional photographer and cinematographer need a huge amount of storage to save images and other media files. Here are some of its key benefits.

  • It is very simple to use, just insert the drive into the PC’s USB port and start to use it.
  • Detects all the duplicate files and sorts them automatically.
  • Photostick is able to save more than 60,000 photos.
  • Works very fast to organize the media files.

Disadvantages of the Photostick

Literally, there are a few disadvantages such as sometimes it freezes while working. Photostick doesn’t work for mobiles and tablets. If the computer is affected by a virus the photostick may not work with that computer. These are the only disadvantages of the photostick.

Photostick Mobile

It works the same as the Photostick does but it is specially made for mobile users. Phtotstick mobile is perfect for personal to professional use. Here are the steps on how to use the photostick mobile?

  • In the beginning, install the photostick mobile app on the phone.
  • Run the app and insert the photostick mobile into the mobile.
  • Touch the option “Back up Now”.
  • Starts to scan every single file on the mobile and backup them in photostick mobile.
  • It will upload all the media files and skips the duplicate files.
  • At the end of the process delete the unnecessary file to make more space on the phone.

Benefits of the Photostick Mobile

Photostick mobile has some mind blowing benefits, so people love it most, Though both of the devices have the same function.  Let’s have a look at its benefits below.

  • Simply insert it into the mobile or tablets and it is ready to use.
  • Automatically starts to scan the field and organize them.
  • Skips the duplicate files.
  • It is a fast and automatic device.
  • Huge backup storage, same as the Photostick.

It never freezes but the problem someone may find is that there is no instruction guide. Except that there are no other faults and disadvantages.

Photostick and Photostick Mobile: Which One Is Better?

I think you already know about both of the device’s functions and advantages. Both of them are very useful but one is suitable for computers and another one is for mobile and tablets.

It depends on your choice and which one is perfect for you?  If you want to free up some space from the mobile then you should go for the photostick mobile. Otherwise,  you need only photostick for the computers.

Where to Buy Phtostick and Photostick Mobile? 

All the products are available online nowadays but all the online services are not safe. Therefore, before you buy the products, you should be careful to buy them from the original websites.

To buy the photostick and photostick mobile you should visit the photostick official website.  You may have some promotional offers when buying from their official website.

Final Thoughts

Now you have complete knowledge about both of the devices. I have discussed the relevant functions to make a clear concept. Both of these USB flash drives are very effective in their perspective.

Finally, you know that photostick is only for computer files and the photostick mobile is for mobile and tablets. Therefore choose the best one according to your choice.

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