Human Growth Hormone

What is it?

You may have heard about it in your health educations classes, or from the doctors, or even from the people you know who might be taking it. So what is it; and why is it so important? In this article we’re going to talk about that and the use of synthetic HGH among people today.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) or Growth Hormone (GH) is a peptide hormone, produced on our body by the pituitary gland. Pituitary gland is the master gland, located at the base of the brain which controls all the other glands in the endocrine system of our body, and is responsible for secretion of growth hormone. This hormone stimulates growth, development, and regeneration in human body, gradually from childhood to adolescence, where its levels reach the peak. The body declines the secretion of this hormone with the growing age, which is the reason people do not gain height after a certain age limit. You can read more about HGH here.

So, what does it do to our body?

As mentioned above, the main purpose of this hormone is the linear growth i.e. the height of our body is determined by it. Besides that, it is also responsible for growth of the internal organs, tissues, like our bones, muscle mass, everything except the brain. It is also responsible for proper functioning of metabolism, and burning fat(calories).

In a nutshell, the whole process of ‘growing up’ as we go through childhood to adulthood, is monitored and stimulated by the HGH.

Now, you might have guessed that HGH is really important, and its deficiency will certainly cause harmful effects on our body. In fact, people have been using synthetic HGH from years, as a way to keep the hormone levels up and stay fit and healthy. Synthetic HGH was first developed back in 1985, and people started taking them with a belief that it keeps you young and slows down the ageing process. In fact, athletics also turn to HGH doping to enhance their performance, but all of this is nothing but a false hope. Although it seems only helpful to our body, excess of HGH can cause pituitary tumor, increase fatigue as well as impaired visions. So manual intake of HGH is in fact not suggested and has far more side effects than actual benefits.

In the end, you might be wondering how we can naturally increase the GH levels in our body, and eventually lead a healthy life. Our body produces GH excessively during exercises, trauma and sleep. So the main thing to keep in mind is to exercise daily, burn some calories and to have a restful, long sleep at night. In some cases due to genetic conditions production of this hormone is seriously deficient, which leads to dwarfism, poorly developed bones, etc. The amount of sugar you intake is also associated with the production of GH, so try to take as less sugary diet as possible.

Summarizing the topic

HGH is a really important protein for us, yet use of synthetic HGH is not advised as well. Doing extensive exercises, taking less sugary foods and having a good night sleep everyday are few of the most common ways to increase its level on our body and lead a healthy, happy life.

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