6 Ideas For Kitchen Lighting

ideas for kitchen lightingideas for kitchen lighting

Among kitchen lights, LED lighting is without a doubt the most effective. Although this technology was once exclusive to recessed lighting and accent lamps, new fixtures and lightbulbs can now be used in even the most opulent chandeliers. That eliminates any concerns about the decor. Then why would you want something else (such as halogen or fluorescent)?

There are many varieties of LED fixtures and bulbs to choose from when it comes to LED lighting. You should also consider their brightness, particularly in areas that need a lot of lighting, such as the kitchen. Finally, the furniture plays a significant role.

Flush Mount LED Lights

A flush mount fixture that looks like a recessed fixture. This choice is really decor-neutral and gets the job done without being distracting. Changing color LEDs are increasing in popularity as well.

Pros: color changing LED strip lights for home have a high-quality fire-resistant plastic shell; it uses less electricity but produces a lot of light; it has a sleek and futuristic design; and it can change the color temperature.

Cons: The display is not dimmable; there is no remote control; adjusting the color temperature requires removing the light.

Hanging Kitchen Lights

Pendant lights are fashionable and common in modern kitchen design for area lighting. They look great hung over an island or a dining table, especially light with free delivery across the US.

Pros: dimmable when used with a compatible ELV dimmer; very sleek looking at a reasonable price; adjustable cord; excellent light output.

Cons: very thin glass; cords can be slightly bent when first installed; cloth cord.

Recessed Lighting

This is the foundation of LED lighting and where it all started. This would most likely be needed for the kitchen ceiling.

Pros: low power consumption; fixture is made of aluminium, which resists deterioration and rust; simple to mount and slim light body; dimmable from 5% to 100%

Cons: After months of use, some of them crashed.

LED Light Fixture with a 4-foot Reach

It’s a far more energy-efficient and brighter alternative to neon tubes.

Pros: it saves energy; it produces 60 Lumens per watt; it has high-angle brightness control; it’s light and simple to use.

Cons: The LED light strip/bulb is not replaceable.

Ceiling Light for a Low Profile

It nearly reaches the ceiling’s surface without being recessed. A low-profile, new, streamlined feature for your kitchen lighting.

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Pros: it’s lighter than most other ceiling lights of this size; it’s sleek and round; it comes with an assembly kit; it’s ideal for low ceilings.

Cons: The supplied screws are too small, and the LED light cannot be dimmed.

Small Kitchen Lighting

In a small kitchen, these 10-inchers are suitable for lighting some ceiling trim.

Pros: it is energy efficient (savings up to 80%), it saves room in lower ceilings, it has appealing styling, vivid color, and a wide variety of options.

Cons: The bulb cannot be changed, and the diffuser is made of plastic.


There are all excellent things to think about and questions to ask yourself before making a decision. And, to make it even easier for you, remember to bookmark this list of our favorite LED kitchen ceiling choices.