If You are Going to Propose a Unique but Realistic Product Then Choose Lightsabers


Star Wars Lightsabers:

Many products are based on Star Wars, including a movie trilogy, books, toys and video games. This includes Star Wars Lightsabers. Lightsabers have been around for about 800 years and they were used as a weapon since at least 1592. It is not uncommon for sabers to be buried with their owners, and a good strength saber can cut steel from as far away as 3 feet. Like other products, Lightsabers come in many sizes and price ranges. They range from a $10 device that could also be used as a toy or a toy replica to the most expensive $50,000 product. There are many stories on the Internet of their use on the battlefield and of special effects they have achieved. Some models have been made of ceramic or stainless steel, but the most popular are made of titanium. The hilts and grips are typically finished in nickel or chrome.

Used in Martial Arts Skills 

Real lightsaber is used as a weapon for training in the combination of many martial arts skills and objects such as a katana, a death’s head hilt sword, a scepter, and a mace. The training may be similar to a weapon using a punch bag but not as heavy. A focus on a predetermined technique is added to the training to create a lightsaber training program. Light saber training is different from sparring or test matches as the lightsabers are not as dangerous, but you are not to be goofed off. On the side, lightsabers can also be made of wood, aluminum, or even plastic.

Current Developments

To date, lightsabers have not become common, and in many cases are illegal. A lightsaber is an odd weapon, and since they are part of the Star Wars series, they must seem out of place. However, the lightsaber’s unique design and functions could prove to be an effective tool to protect a person. Some of the functions include:

  • Expansion – The sword can expand to the size of a cannonball. This capability makes a lightsaber a much more dangerous weapon when it is combined with the saber sheath.
  • Projection – A lightsaber can make its point very strong to make a powerful impact on an attacker.
  • Critical path – The point of the lightsaber could be used to slice through the line of vision or protection of an assailant.

The Light Saber, also called The Pulse Light Saber

Anakin was able to blind his attacker using a lightsaber. This ability could be useful to knock off an assailant’s sense of smell or vision. The lightsaber works like a flashlight because it projects a beam of light. The beam can be switched to a different color. This helps in reducing the chances of missing a target because there is lighter than in a typical flashlight. It also provides more light for a saber to find its target.

Using Lightsabers in Self Defense

This Star Wars type of weapon is not popular today. However, it could make a great weapon for self-defense. The amount of light generated by a single laser is a lot. In the movie Attack of the Clones, a lightsaber created light that shone on the control room. This could help someone if there is a fire or other incident. This lighting could help the user to find the assailant and even destroy them.

The Force Pull or Fire Element

The lightsaber is not the only light weapon that can be used to defend yourself against an attacker. A lightsaber that can be used as a force pull also has great uses. One of the lightsaber’s key features is its ability to generate a powerful pull of energy. It would be effective if used to defeat a large group of attackers.

Throws a Bio-Power Cut

Using the lightsaber’s surge technology, a saber wielder can use the weapon to easily cut the flesh of an attacker. Using Bio-Power Cut, the saber wielder can get rid of an attacker’s flesh by slicing it. This could be a lethal blow as the cut is so deep. However, such a blow may be effective when all else fails to attack and flee. Although such swords can also be used for offensive purposes, a saber’s use depends on its effectiveness. Bio-Power Cut is a defensive tool that a lightsaber wielder could use in order to defeat an attacker and escape.

Shadows, and Lights

This Star Wars weapon is not only visually intimidating, but its use also depends on its dark shading effect. A saber wielder can create shadowy shadows to protect himself. It also makes a person or an object difficult to see. A saber with dark shading is highly effective when used defensively. A saber with dark shading can act as a camouflage for a person. The lightsaber that utilizes dark shading can be lethal to an attacker. A saber that uses dark shading can make it difficult for an attacker to identify a person or object in the shadows. A saber with dark shading can make it easier for a saber wielder to see his or her target.

A Dark Eclipse Laser Beam

In addition to shading, a saber can also utilize a laser beam. A dark saber can be used to make the laser light source quite big. This makes the beam highly effective in blocking a person or object’s vision. This technique can also be used to disable an attacker’s targeting capabilities. Swords are just tools and not objects that have more potential than any other. However, their users can make good use of them. It all depends on how good a user is. Star Wars’ lightsaber has the potential to have the same power as any other weapon that can be used in self-defense.

Final Verdict

There are several ways to protect yourself against an attacker. These weapons can all be effective in that they make an attacker think twice about attacking someone. The lightsabers in Star Wars have unique and powerful features that make them very deadly. Even though they are also powerful weapons. Any weapon that can help defend oneself can be a real-life lifesaver.

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